ForgeLight Is
A Proprietary Game Engine

Built By Sony Online Entertainment

ForgeLight was created from the ground up to support the complex environments, fast-paced combat and vibrant colors of Sony Online Entertainment's next generation of online games.

PlanetSide 2 showcases the beauty, depth and fluidity possible in next-gen MMOs thanks to the power and versatility of the ForgeLight engine.

Massive Worlds

Maximize Performance in MMOs

SOE is committed to advancing the MMO genre by making virtual worlds more immersive, detailed and realistic. ForgeLight allows for the creation of massive environments that unhinge the boundaries of map creation and challenge in-game exploration with unprecedented scale.

Scalable Performance

To Take Full Advantage

Of Each Machine's Capabilities

ForgeLight is designed to take full advantage of each machine's capabilities without slowing performance or affecting gameplay. Impressive lighting, graphic and environmental effects will not compromise the in-game action.

Integrated Top-Tier Physics Technology

Realistic Environmental
And Rag Doll Physics

Nvidia's PhysX technology adds realistic environmental and rag doll physics that means all parts of the game, from environments to vehicles to character actions, feel natural and impactful.

Advanced Toolset

  • Atmospheric Scattering - incredible lighting effects, such as sunlight filtering through clouds, volumetric fog, sunbeams through windows and complex shading
  • Ambient Occlusion - movable and player objects will shadow each other, and lights and shadow will interact realistically
  • Environmental Lighting - live actions, like casting a fireball, will create immediate graphical effects that look realistic and can be seen for miles
  • Facial Animation - more emotive, expressive characters though complex and realistic facial animations on both NPC and player avatars

Beginning Of A New Era

New Breed Of Next-Gen MMOs

PlanetSide 2 is the first game built with ForgeLight and ushers in a new breed of next-gen MMOs, with realistic physics and unimaginable graphics.