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“One”: A PlanetSide2 Player Community Spotlight

By: Erin Oakley


One soldier, one shot, or one epic battle can change the course of the war for Auraxis. In honor of PlanetSide2’s one year anniversary on November 20, we asked the troops to send in their best “One” themed moments. 

Sharpe of BRTD on Miller proves that one Harasser (plus a few tank mines) can be deadly.

NotBob of The Bohage on Briggs shared a tale of valor, inspiring his troops with one truly epic speech:

“Enemies of the Terran republic, hear me! You have come here to die; our ancient and time tested combat doctrines grant us invincibility. You cannot win. Our soldiers shall strike you down. Our war machines will crush you under their treads. Our mighty guns will bring the very sky crashing down upon you! So, continue your advance, for it matters not! We are the Terran Republic, and today we shall stand victorious! We shall lift high the black banners of vengeance, for it is not yet our time to die!” 

Turning to the men at his back, who were already beginning to engage their foe. “Storm their ranks. Spare none of the heretics! Follow me into the pages of history! This day will be remembered for eternity! LOYALTY BEYOND DEATH!” 

Vonic of DasAnfall on Mattherson gives new meaning to the phrase “one man army.”

Daniel696 shows that one Prowler is good… but a whole zerg of Prowlers is better.


And to end with a bang, Boildown and the soldiers of Digirev on Waterson decided to see what happens when you combine one Galaxy with a line of tank-mined Sunderers.

If you’d like to be featured in our upcoming PlanetSide 2 Player Spotlights, check out the forums for more details. 

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