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SOE Live Presents PLAYER GOT TALENT 2014

You KNOW you've got what it takes! All your friends keep telling you how awesome you are! Now's your chance to sing, dance or perform whatever wonders you do and sail to the top of the SOE Live charts in our second annual PLAYER GOT TALENT contest!

This is your call for auditions for the 2014 event; you've got three weeks to get your act together and submit your video for our preliminary nominations.  Be SURE to submit on or before July 31, 2014.


Player Got Talent Winner 2013

Meet Orennex (sometimes known as Mitch Salls),
winner of last year's Player Got Talent contest.
See his performance at this link!


We are a pretty open-minded bunch, so almost anything goes. Scratch that... due to technical and insurance limitations, we cannot support large bands or groups with highly specialized requirements, nor acts with dangerous or offensive elements. You'll have a microphone or three, a spotlight, and other very minor support, such as an amp or ability to play your music track. To illustrate what we can and cannot support:

  • Dude with acoustic or electric guitar, yes. Dude with racist rant or political agenda, no.
  • Gal with bagpipes, absolutely! Full on heavy metal band complete with roadies and groupies, no.
  • Tapdancing routine, yes. Tapdancing elephant troupe, no.
  • Magic act, yes. Pistol marksmanship or blindfolded knife-throwing, no.
  • Fireworks display - that would be way cool but HECK NO!

You must perform the act you submit in your audition; if you are working on a new piece not complete at the time of audition, we reserve the right to request a video, lyrics or other samples in advance of the event.

Got the idea? GOOD!

Of COURSE! In addition to the adoration of at least 1,642 people (current registrations as of this writing), we offer:

1st place $300, 2nd place $200, 3rd place $100 (plus whatever this auld Dwarf can sneak into bags for all finalists - shhhh!)



Please send a link to your video to

Please put PLAYER GOT TALENT in the subject line.

Within the email, give us the following info:

Your real name:

Your handle or character name:

Main SOE game:

Describe your act in 100 words or less:


Deadline for submissions: July 31, 2014 - finalists will be announced shortly thereafter.

What else? Oh yes... the Legal Gnomes remind me that all finalists will be required to sign a waiver with lots of small print, before the performance.  In fact, please check out the longish OFFICIAL RULES before submitting your audition.



You MUST be registered for SOE Live to enter. We will refund your pass if you are selected as a finalist, but we cannot cover meals, transportation or accommodations. We will have a rehearsal on Thursday or on the Saturday before the event. Finalists will be advised of time and place in advance and STRONGLY advised to attend rehearsal to fine tune the act, get used to the stage, lights and setup.

If we do not receive at least five video auditions of the caliber we seek, we may just opt to put any outstanding entries on stage anyway!

QUESTIONS? I KNOW THE PEOPLE WITH ANSWERS! Contact me over Twitter @Brasse or email us at


Now get out there and start practicing!

~ Brasse (who only sings for her beer)