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A Note for Content Creators

2020 has been a banner year for PlanetSide 2 community content, with so many stunning and exceptional videos coming out of the Escalation update. Since Escalation first hit Test servers, we've been providing trusted community creators select access to the Observer Camera, our best in-game tool for capturing cinematic gameplay. Now we're taking steps to formalize the Observer Camera application process for our broader creative community.

If you’re interested in receiving Observer Camera account privileges, simply submit an email application to Within the body of your email, include the following information:

  • Account/Character/Outfit name (if applicable)
  • Server region
  • Links to your content channels (youtube, twitch, etc)
  • Links to your social media (twitter, facebook, etc)
  • Examples of past PS2 videos you’ve created (if applicable)
  • Any other motivation behind your application: are you launching a new channel? Showcasing your Outfit? Reviewing new features or content? Spotlighting an in-game event? Or something else entirely?

There are no hard and fast requirements for receiving privileges – you don’t need to be a big streamer or have a massive social media following – but we are looking for positive, engaged PS2 creators in good standing within the community. Approved content creators will receive privileges for an initial trial period, with the possibility of having perms extended depending on content output and general account activity.

Interested in taking your video productions skills to the next level, soldier?  Send your application to today!

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