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Outfit Spotlight - My Friends Outfit

Welcome to the first ever PlanetSide 2 Outfit Spotlight! This is Slugger speaking, and today we will be interviewing one of the Terran Republic's most formidable outfits: My Friend's Outfit (or MFO for short). Located on the Genudine server, these folks don't mess around. Led by LtStade and DarkSteele, they are a force known for changing the tides of battle.


Slugger: How did your outfit start? Have you played other games together?

LtStade: Just a few friends that I met in the PS2 Beta.

Ichiban: I don't know but it's fun to play with these people!

LtStade: When I started playing again after beta, this was the first thing on my list. We were just a group of friends, so that's why we call it My Friend's Outfit!


Slugger: If your outfit had a motto, what would it be?

DrakeSteel: "Taking the Terran to a better place, one bullet at a time."


mappleleaf: "Service guarantees citizenship."


Slugger: What is your favorite outfit activity?

Mappleleaf: Kill Vanu.

Ichiban: FLAME!


Slugger: Like, MAX flame throwers, right?

Ichiban: Sure.

LtStade: Always be the first one to a fight. Go to continents with 15-20% population. It's pretty amazing to look at a continent map and know that your outfit took 50% of it.


Slugger: Which of the opposing factions do you enjoy killing more?

LtStade: Vanu are satisfying to kill, NC are easy.

Slugger: What does your outfit consider a good player to be?

Whitnois: Communication

LtStade: Sense of humor and desire to work as a team.


Slugger: is the ability to aim optional?

Poptop: Aiming you can learn. The other stuff you gotta have.


Slugger: The PlanetSide 2 genie is willing to grant you one wish. What would it be?

LtStade: All the anti-air guns!

FalloutPulse: More wishes.

Mikan: I wish my Mosquito had reverse.

Poptop: Reduce cert prices.

Slugger: Wouldn't it be wiser to just ask for unlimited certs?

LtStade: He still wants to support SOE.

Slugger: Awwww...


Slugger: You and the outfit are all in a Galaxy. Suddenly, a friendly Mosquito crashes into you and causes you to crash. You all respawn, hop in a Sunderer, and start driving towards your destination. Along the way you encounter the person who crashed into you, stranded in the middle of nowhere with the wreckage of his plane still burning next to him. He is clearly trying to get your attention and hitch a ride. What do you do?

Whitnois: Knife him to death.

LtStade: Fool him to hop in. When we get to an objective, all standing around, we order the hit.

Whitnois: Invite him to the outfit, get to really know him, make him like us, and then kick him. Emotional hit.


Slugger: You are given the power to issue your Empire one command that they will for sure follow, regardless of what it is. What is your command?

LtStade: Make every TR goosestep down a road with their hands.


Slugger: You are given the power to invite anyone on earth to join your outfit. Who do you invite?

LtStade: Obama.

Mapplelead: Mr. T!

Coheed: Tom Hanks, because he seems like a down-to-earth guy.


Slugger: What item in PlanetSide 2 do you believe needs a warning label the most? What would the label say?

Poorkeys3: Aircraft. "Warning: Impossible to fly"

Ruggers: Vehicle pad needs a label that says "PAIN ZONE"

LtStade: NFI Turbo: "Not for the light of heart."

Ichiban: "Warning: Vehicles in spawn zone are liable for tank-assisted suicide."

Slugger: Any last words?

LtStade: Great game SOE! Keep it great! Loyalty till death

Slugger:  Thanks for talking with us guys!  Be sure to check out the Outfit forums and look forward to more interviews!