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Introducing new TEQ

Despite the excitement surrounding the recent introduction of asymmetric abilities, a common point of feedback has been that not all of the abilities have the same level of teamplay synergy. While our goal was primarily to introduce (and re-introduce, in some cases,) abilities that further diversify what each faction's classes are capable of, it is very clear that there is an appetite for more strictly teamplay minded equipment.

Given this revelation, we have refocused our development efforts toward the introduction of new TEQ, that is to say "Tandem Equipment."


Tandem Equipment

Each piece of new TEQ requires at least two players in its use. You can be within a squad or without, and any kill credit is shared between both players. All art and concepts shown below are only our first iteration, and should be considered a work in progress.


New Conglomerate TEQ

LA602 Forecastle

The Forecastle allows two New Conglomerate operators to strike distant targets with power comparable to a Lightning AP's main cannon, and uses Flak Detonation technology against ground vehicles for ease of target acquisition. In addition, this TEQ can be used from beyond the range at which vehicles can render infantry, allowing for covert strikes across the continent.


Terran Republic TEQ

T2000 Waterboy

The Waterboy is a two-part system that allows the gunner to hose down targets while a runner carries ammunition drums that are belt-fed directly into the gunner's weapon. Ammo runners can carry up to 3,000 rounds in each magazine, and can swap out with other ammo runners if supplies run low. Since the T2000 uses concussive rounds that suppress enemies around corners, the hail of gunfire helps protect ammo runners in the backlines.


Vanu Sovereignty TEQ

VX7-7 Mantis Double-Blade

The Mantis Double-Blade allows two wielders to combine their strength together when in close proximity. This weapon allows synchronized operators to strike down infantry and cleave through MAX units. If a partner moves too far from the blade, or if it collides with the environment (for example: colliding with a doorway) the blade will be dropped and must be hoisted again when both players are ready. Infantry class abilities can be used while the blade is wielded, but Infiltrator cloaking will not conceal the weapon.


Nanite Systems Operatives TEQ

As a support faction, Nanite Systems Operatives will have the opportunity to assist with the TEQ of other factions. NSO characters will be able to act as the bipod for the LA602 Forecastle, carry ammunition for the T2000 Waterboy, and can stand near a dropped VX7-7 Mantis Double Blade to mark the position while waiting for real VS soldiers to pick it back up!



These concepts should all be considered experimental, and could impact the battlefield balance in unexpected ways. We look forward to possibly integrating this new equipment into a Test Server build eventually. Keep an eye on future updates, and be sure to share your thoughts on the new equipment via the forums or Reddit.

-Wrel, Lead TEQ Designer