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NeverHaveIEver Winner - Zoran the Bear

It takes a unique individual to stand out from the rest of the grunts and this week we certainly have one.  Taking home the win for our NeverHaveIEver contest is ZoranTheBear who delighted us with the following Tweet:

@planetside2 #neverhaveiever passed out bikes to wandering Max Units in my Candy sunderer.

Who is this dedicated warrior of Twitter? 

Name: J.S. @ZoranTheBear

Chosen Allegiance:  The Terran Republic.

Favorite Class: Medic.

Outfit:  Validus Gamers. You can find them at

What was your Inspiration:  No inspiration. It comes from being crazy.

What do you like most about PlanetSide 2: The ability to organize, control, and witness a massive war, to order hundreds of troops towards a common goal.

What’s your current rig like: A patched up ASUS gaming laptop that is just holding together, and can barely run the game currently on Medium.  I've been recording, editing, and gaming on it for a while now.I haven't had enough money to upgrade, so this Alienware desktop will help greatly.

Anything else you’d like to share: I run a Youtube channel at Over there I cover Planetside 2's weapons, vehicles, and its various aspects. I also showcase Outfit gameplay when my outfit holds Operations.