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PlanetSide 2 Stream Schedule

Need your fix for PlanetSide 2 streaming?  Check out our weekly schedule so you don't miss a single minute!


6:30 PM  PT - 7:30 PT - Join xItZMuRdAx (@xItZMuRdAx & Twitch) for L2PS2 which will give you tips and tricks while entertaining you.


3:00 PM PT - 5:00 PM PT - Work in Progress.   Watch members of the PlanetSide 2 development team create PlanetSide 2 live!

6:00 PM PT - 7:00 PM PTKudochop (@Kudochop & Twitch) presents "The Art of Solo" How to survive and thrive in Auraxis as a lone wolf.


3:00 PM PT -4:00 PM PT - Wrel ( & Twitch) helps beginners and veterans gear up quickly in Battle Rank: Go

4:00 PM PT - 6:00 PM PT - Matt Higby (@mhigby & Twitch) presents "Higby Pls." Mediocre skill gameplay sessions with a healthy dose of bloviating, waxing philosophical, spoilers for upcoming features and Q&A.

6:00 PM PT - 7:00 PM PT - [TRG]Sardus (@TRGSardus & Twitch) - Leader of one of the most well-known outfits on Connery shows off teamwork and individual skill in a variety of gameplay situations.


6:00 PM-PT 7:00 PM PT - Elgars (@moushn Twitch) presents " Bearforce9" - Adventures in fun, lighthearted gameplay.


12:00 PM-PT 1:00 PM PT - KidRiot (@kidriotgun) brings his unique take on PlanetSide 2 and guarantees entertainment.


6:00 PM-PT 7:00 PM PT - ZoranTheBear (@ZoranTheBear Twitch) presents " Bearforce9" - Adventures in fun, lighthearted gameplay.