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The Platinum Bundle is Back!

The Platinum Bundle is back for the PC!  

For a limited time you can purchase the following three Platinum weapons:

The NS-15MP may look like an assault rifle, but this accurate and low-recoil weapon allows a Heavy Assault to remain both mobile and deadly.

If you’ve ever used it, the NS-357P Underboss really doesn’t need much of a description. If you are dry on ammo for your main weapon, this side arm is usable by every Empire and could be the difference between another kill and a quick respawn.

Finally, the NS-11CP, while not great at long range fire, is an exceptional close-quarters carbine which is ideal for facility defense. Available for any both the Engineer and Light Assault classes!

Head to the Depot on PC and grab this limited time bundle for just 3999 SC (All Access Members get a discount!) and your headshots will be the envy of your squad!