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You're About to be Lovestruck

Even when the entire world is at war, there's still a little room for love. This Valentine's Day, you'll be lovestruck by all of the surprises we have lined up to celebrate the most romantic time of the year!

Two is better than one, so we're doubling up - from February 14th through February 18th ALL players will earn Double XP on the battlefield!

Plus, you can treat yourself with some of our lovely new items, which are only available for a limited time:


Hearts Camo Bundle - 1499 DBC

Complete your Hearts Camo collection! Also includes the new Hossin Hearts Camo, and a special black and gold Gilded Hearts Weapon Camo only available in this bundle.

Hearts Camo Bundle

  • Red Hearts Weapon Camo
  • Tarnished Hearts Camo
  • Loyal Hearts Camo
  • Indar Hearts Camo
  • Amerish Hearts Camo
  • Esamir Hearts Camo
  • Broken Hearts Camo
  • Hossin Hearts Camo (New)
  • Gilded Hearts Weapon Camo (New, and ONLY comes with the purchase of this bundle)

Gilded Hearts Weapon Camo

Cupid Horn Bundle - 1499 DBC

For the first time in Auraxian history, you can get all of the cupid horns for all vehicles and factions in one bundle!

Cupid Horn Bundle

  • ANT Cupid Horn (Not available on PS4)
  • Flash Cupid Horn
  • Harasser Cupid Horn
  • Lightning Cupid Horn
  • Sunderer Cupid Horn
  • Magrider Cupid Horn
  • Prowler Cupid Horn
  • Vanguard Cupid Horn
  • Scythe Cupid Horn
  • Mosquito Cupid Horn
  • Reaver Cupid Horn
  • Valkyrie Cupid Horn
  • Liberator Cupid Horn
  • Galaxy Cupid Horn


Star Crossed Bundle - 1499 DBC

These twin crossbows come with unique visuals and will grant a special title to characters that achieve a gold medal.

Star Crossed Bundle

  • Heartstring
  • Blackheart
  • Chrome Heart Hood Ornament


AM7-XOXO - 1499 DBC

This new Archer anti-materiel rifle variant will light up your night (literally), and can be used as progress in the Exceptional II directive.



Which of these new weapons have you fallen in love with? Send us a love note on Twitter or Facebook!