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PlanetSide 2 Art - Recap of the Week

Hello Soldiers!

This week you were briefed on the art of PlanetSide 2. We shared intel about the direction the artists are taking with PlanetSide 2. Keep reading for a recap on where to find all the information on our site, Stickam, Twitter, and in the press.


PlanetSide 2 Comm-Link: Tramell Isaac

PlanetSide 2 released another Comm-Link Tuesday, September 27, 2011. Tramell “T-Ray” Isaac shared details about his past experience, PlanetSide’s visual influence on PlanetSide 2, and SOE’s powerful ForgeLight engine. You can read it


In the Press

This week in the press, Game Informer featured an exclusive time-lapse video and Q&A with PlanetSide 2 Senior Artist Patrick Ho. Check it out here.

In other great news, the October Issue of PC GAMER UK, available now, features a four page feature preview on PlanetSide 2.  This interview with Matt Higby gives a colorful overview of what new and nostalgic players can expect when they hit planet Auraxis the second time around. 



On Thursday, September 29, 2011, we had our second PlanetSide 2 webcast. Our host, Creative Director Matt Higby, interviewed Art Director Bill Yeatts, Art Director Matt Broome, and Senior Art Director Tramell Isaac. If you missed Thursday’s webcast, you can watch it on our YouTube channel.


Twitter Chat

On Friday, September 30, 2011, the PlanetSide 2 Development Team hosted another Twitter chat and answered questions from the fans. If you would like to participate in the next PlanetSide 2 Twitter chat, make sure to follow @PlanetSide2 on Twitter.

That’s it for this week, Soldiers! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter so you can be ready for any fresh intel.

Virrago out!