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Server Merge FAQ

Why can’t I choose where my characters are going? 
We’ve taken time to analyze the needs of every server for both player and empire populations and are combining server communities based on their needs. It will be completely seamless and the only change you’ll notice is more combat. 

Will I lose my name? 
Your character name is unique to your account and will remain the same.

What happens to my outfit? 
Your outfit and all its members will transfer together to the new server.

What about my Friends Lists
These lists will stay completely intact so you can stay in touch with all your fellow soldiers.

Will I lose the stats I’ve earned playing PlanetSide 2? 
Everything you’ve done in game will transfer with you including kills, score, etc…

Will I retain my items and certifications? 
All progress you’ve gained and items purchased will go with you to your new servers. 

Why are you merging servers? 
In order to provide a more consistent gameplay experience for everyone we are merging a few player communities together. This will provide a larger number of engagement opportunities and increase multiple continent populations. 

When are character transfers going to be made available?
These will be made available in the very near future but not before the merges are complete.