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Sitrep: April Update News

Scientists Warn of Dangerous Conditions

Earlier today, military scientists released information regarding an increase of nitrogen, hydrogen, and methane gas levels across Auraxis. Surface pressure has been building and many leaders have growing concerns of instability in the bowels of the planet. All personnel should be cautious when utilizing general issue equipment and report any unusual activity.

Experimental Combat Gear Field Tested

Field testing for an experimental combat system will begin on April 1st and be deployed for one day only. The Strategic Combat Headgear with Navigational Offensive Zergtech (SCHNOZ) will grant players a 50% XP boost when worn. Purchased in the armory, it will only provide the bonus April 1st, so be sure to make use of it Wednesday!

New Vehicle Horns

Nothing tells infantry to get off the road like a distinguished horn, and the Auraxian Transportation Safety Commission would like you to remind you to make use of them. You’ll have the opportunity this week to grab not one but TWO unique horns which will have everyone in your way diving for cover. This Wednesday both will be available for one day only, but usable throughout the rest of the year.

Be sure to log in and take advantage of these limited time items and be mindful of dangerous gas pockets.