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A Loyal Soldier is to be Rewarded

Whether you're a part of the Terran Republic, the New Conglomerate, or the Vanu Sovereignty, your contributions to the war on Auraxis are valuable. In honor of your esteemed contributions to fighting on behalf of your empire, we have a reward for you!

All soldiers on PC* who are at least BR 15 and have logged in and played PlanetSide 2 between November 1, 2015 and May 25, 2016 will be granted the following loyalty rewards:

  • Loyalty Soldier Camo
  • Title = "Loyal Soldier" 

Be sure to log in by 11:59PM on Sunday, June 5th in order to get these rewards on your account. **

Thanks for your service, soldier. Now get back to the battlefield! 

*Currently these rewards will be granted on PC only. PS4 will be coming at a later date. 

** Accounts must be opted in to receive emails regarding PlanetSide 2 marketing.

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