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Tides of Summer Event

Summer is here and it's time to play in the sun! Enjoy summer time activities with the new Operation Tidebreaker directive and Corsair / Harasser Lumifiber reward cosmetics! The new Ares helmet, and Surfbreaker and Surfcutter vehicle platings are also available in the depot.

The Tides of Summer event runs from July 5 - August 31. Check out the full details below!

Summer Directives

Enjoy new rewards each month by completing Summer Directives. Check the schedule below!

  • July 5 - 31 - Summer Directive Part 1
  • August 1 - 31 - Summer Directive Part 2

All-new Lumifiber Vehicle cosmetics!

Upon completing this month's summer directive, Operation Tidebreaker, you will be rewarded with the new Sunburst Corsair and Sunburst Harasser Lumifiber vehicle cosmetic.

Corsair Surfbreaker Plating | Corsair Surfcutter Plating | Lightning Surfbreaker Plating

Ride the waves with the new Corsair Surfbreaker and Surfcutter Plating vehicle gear. Or take the fight on land with the Lightning Surfbreaker Plating cosmetic.

Surfbreaker on the left, Surfcutter on the right.

Lightning Surfbreaker Plating


Ares Helmet

Equip the newest helmet added to the depot! Bring your foes to justice with the Ares Helmet.


Mega Soldier Soakers are back!

Splash your enemies with the return of the Mega Soldier Soaker. This water cannon can be used during the Tides of Summer event, ending August 31.

Stay hydrated this summer, soldier! See you planetside!

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