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Ultimate Empire Showdown 2022

The Ultimate Empire Showdown is back!

Join us for an epic event with an all-star cast! For this ten-year milestone, community creators Camikaze78, CMDRCyrious, and Wintergaming will face off on the battlefields of Auraxis with an army at their backs. Our guests will take command of Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, and Vanu Sovereignty in the ultimate test of strength. Which empire will achieve victory, and bragging rights for the next 10 years? Find out on November 20th during a special livestream hosted by event-caster ArsheeTV on! More details below.


Meet your Team Captains

Camikaze78 (New Conglomerate)

Twitter / Youtube 


CMDRCyrious (Terran Republic)

Twitter / Twitch / Youtube


(Vanu Sovereignty)

Twitter / Twitch / Youtube

Event Schedule

The Ultimate Empire Showdown begins November 20th @ 2pm pst / 11pm cet.

Four main events will test the might of our three teams. Victories are counted during each of the events below to determine which is the ultimate empire. Be sure to watch the broadcast to see post-event interviews with the team captains!

  • Bastion Battle (Air)
    • Each team takes to the skies in a massive air battle with limited lives!
  • Colossus Battle (Armor)
    • Teams test their mettle (and metal) in a Colossus versus Colossus armor battle.
  • Nason's Defiance (Infantry)
    • A three-way infantry battle over the heart of Hossin.
  • Continent Lock Alert
    • Empires put leadership and strategy to the test for this final alert challenge.

Broadcast by ArsheeTV

This year we have a special guest broadcaster! Tune in to our Twitch page and enjoy the full broadcast streamed by guest streamer ArsheeTV!

Follow ArsheeTV on Twitter and Twitch!


Twitter / Twitch 

Event Organizers

This special event is supported by PlanetSide Battles! These amazing event organizers and community members will join the fray as reinforcements for each empire, and be broadcasting the event on the PlanetSide Battles Twitch channels! Show your support by following PSB on Twitter and Twitch!

Planetside Battles

Twitter / Twitch 

Mark your calendar, soldiers, and be sure to drop by on November 20th at 2pm PT, 11pm CET. Let's make this 10-year milestone one to remember!