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Apr. 28, 2023 - PTS Update (Early Notes)

Hey there, as quick note, we're posting these patch notes well in advance to give some heads up about our potential testing schedule. We've got some remaining issues to work out before we will be confident enough to send these items to the Public Test Server, so keep an eye on social to make sure you don't miss an update.

The current testing schedule is planned as follows:

  • Apr. 28 - 4pm PT (1am CET)
  • Apr. 30 - 11am PT (8pm CET)

Focused testing is planned to take place over the course of roughly an hour. Any event participants will receive the Analyst Helmet.


Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:


Construction Overhaul

We've made a number of changes to the Construction System to fulfill the goals of making construction easier to access, more fun to fight at, and allow for more diverse base building. We've added many new construction objects, offered more interior spaces and cover to maneuver around, and expanded what construction assets can accomplish across the battlefield.


Learning Construction

  • New, one-time construction-based tutorial missions have been added for players, and will reward players with the Elysium Spawn Tube, Infantry Tree Stand, Light Vehicle Terminal, and the Equipment Terminal Module.
  • Additional construction-based daily missions have been added to the pool for all players.
  • VR Training now has Cortium spawns and facility silos, allowing for practice with construction objects.
  • Updated and added FTEs and Codex entries related to construction.


UI Updates

  • Removed the two-click process of placing a construction object, and you can now select either currency with a single click.
  • Added new "Favorites" functionality, to mark your favorite construction objects in their own category.
  • Buy, Unlock, and Equip button and terminology have all been streamlined.
  • Exiting the building terminal window will retain your last selection.


Placing Construction

  • Controls for placing construction objects are now visible when a construction object is held.
  • Reduced the default rotation speed of construction objects.
  • Construction placement spheres have been replaced with directional arrows showing whether they need to be above or below ground.
  • Sealed up the "holes" beneath certain construction objects, which would allow you to get inside the back-face of the models.


Maintaining Construction

  • Passive Cortium drain has been removed. This change allows builders to set up bases far in advance of a fight that may or may not make its way down the lattice, instead of doing cortium runs for a fight that may never manifest.
  • Instead, we're moving toward a more active form of Cortium drain. The Flail, Glaive IPC, and Orbital Strikes will drain Cortium when firing (this is still work in progress); Modules (which we talk about later) are equipped and placed into structures when the need arises; and vehicle/air pads still drain Cortium as vehicles are used.


Interacting with Construction

  • Cortium Silos within 500m now appear on your map and minimap.
  • Spotlights attached to construction objects (like those at the Infantry Tower,) now count as Darklights for the purposes of revealing cloaked targets.
  • Spawn points at construction bases now show which terminal types are nearby, and spawn locations now show the name of the player who owns the object.
  • Additionally, there are new ways to interact with construction through Construction Outposts, Modules, and Attack Modules.


Construction Outposts

Construction Outposts (previously open-field vehicle capture bases) have been updated with a new Construction Outpost Silo. This silo is accessible to the faction who owns the region, and is accessible to any player on that faction. These outpost silos regenerate cortium over time, ensuring that construction assets are readily available to build with. When an outpost is captured by an opposing faction, construction objects within 100 meters are converted to the capturing faction. Players who previously owned these objects have their placement limits freed up so that they can build elsewhere.



Modules have all been converted into hand-held objects that can be slotted into new sockets on many of the construction objects. Modules come in a variety of types, allowing for base customization based on needs. Certain modules can only be equipped on certain construction objects, and a list of compatible modules is shown in the terminal screen.

  • When you're at a construction base, empty module sockets appear on the HUD. While you're holding a module, the HUD updates to show compatible and incompatible module sockets, as well as which modules are socketed into which objects currently.
  • Modules are socketed into empty slots, or can be swapped out for a different module type. Modules cannot be stacked, meaning that only one module of a given type can be slotted into a construction object.
  • Attackers can overload a module, much like a generator, by interacting with it. When the timer is complete, the module explodes and deals some damage to the structure.
  • Similarly, Cortium Bombs and Tunnel Worms can be equipped in the Tactical Slot by attackers. When placed into an empty socket, they'll either count down until major damage (Cortium Bomb,) or prevent a structure from healing (Tunnel Worm.)


Standard Modules

  • Repair Module - Repairs the building over time, and increases max health by 5000.
  • Projectile Shield Module - Provides the structure with shielded windows and doors, and increases max health by 2000. This shield is two-way.
  • Skywall Shield Module - Provides the structure with a skywall shield, protecting from airborne attacks, no longer EMPs infantry. This shield is one-way.
  • Firewall Module - Prevents non-Firewall modules in this structure from being hacked and overloaded. Increases maximum health by 5000.
  • Equipment Terminal Module - Provides the structure with an unhackable equipment terminal.
  • Durability Module - Increases maximum health by 8000.
  • Capacity Module - Increases the maximum cortium held by this object by 5000. Remains active until destroyed or replaced.


High Pressure Modules

  • Heavy Repair Module - Repairs the building rapidly over time, and increases max health pool by 5000. Remains active for up to 1 minute.
  • Fortress Shield Module - Provides a projectile bubble shield around the structure and surrounding area. This shield is two-way. Remains active for 1 minute.
  • Heat Dispersion Module - Drastically reduces heat accumulation for the weapon while being operated by a player, increases maximum health pool by 2000. Remains active for 1 minute.


Tactical Slot Items

  • Cortium Bomb - This item has been reworked into a bomb that players can slot into any module socket of an enemy building. Detonating after a short while, dealing incredible damage to the structure from the inside.
  • Tunnel Worm - This module, when socketed into an enemy object, prevents it from regenerating health until it expires or is removed.


Removed Modules

  • Turret AI Module - Artillery and Orbital Strike Uplinks no longer require this module.
  • Alarm Module - Has been replaced with a Recon Array structure.
  • Recon Module - Combined with the Alarm Module into the Recon Array structure.


New Construction Objects

Many new construction objects have been added, and a handful of them have been shown off prior to this. You can check out the previous dev letter for some of the visuals:

  • Command Center - The Command Center is a large structure that houses ground and air vehicle pads, and a secure spawn room and equipment terminal.
  • Recon Array - This object alerts the owner to the presence of nearby enemies and attackers (similar to the Alarm Module,) and passively checks for enemies nearby, similar to a Recon Device. The Recon Array can be activated manually to provide detailed motion sensing for a duration.
  • Bulwark Walls (Thin and Wide variants) - These heavy walls are built high to help hide structures behind them.
  • Module Dispenser - A module-only dispensary for placing close to the areas you need it.
  • Infantry Tunnel - A covered tunnel for safe infantry passage.
  • Infantry Treestand - A compact, tall sniping perch for surveying the base below.
  • Infantry Awning - A covered overhang to hold back fire from enemy aircraft.
  • Secure Silo - Store additional cortium that you can lock for the use of you and your squad.
  • Rebirthing Center - A shielded spawn point with a built-in equipment terminal.
  • Vehicle Bridge - This bridge can span small gaps or smooth rough terrain, and is wide enough to allow a Colossus to cross.


Reworks and Removals

  • Many of the one-way shields have been converted into two-way shields. Exceptions include the Skywall Shield, and shields that are specifically meant to allow spawning defenders to push out of their spawn room.
  • Pain Spires and turret automation have been removed, and Skywall Shields no longer EMP shields. These mechanics aren't fun to play around for attackers, and one of our goals is meant to encourage back and forth gameplay throughout construction bases.
  • The Orbital Strike Uplink has been converted into a larger building that can be played within and around.
  • The Bunker no longer has such a large footprint, and has a more accessible roof.


Misc. Construction Polish

  • Updated the visuals on the construction building FX.
  • Added ambient audio to construction objects as they build.
  • Many construction objects have received updated visuals.
  • Triggering a Recon Array's "alarm module" functionality now has more visual messaging.


Things we're still working on...

  • Flail, Orbital Strike, and Glaive IPC targeting devices will be converted over to a "laze" system that requires the user to maintain a lock on the location for a time before the artillery piece acquires its target.
  • Health bars on construction objects may not be displaying correctly.
  • We're still looking to take a pass on the overall size of no-construction zones on each continent, shrinking them down where possible.
  • On Sanctuary, you'll be able to unlock "equivalent" items to the ones that are now being outmoded, based on what you owned. For example: If you owned the Skywall Shield Module prior to this change, you'll be able to unlock the new Skywall Shield Module at no charge.
  • Some additional construction objects, including a blast wall "checkpoint" and darklight lamp post, are still on the way.
  • We're currently investigating using more precise collision than a boundary box to determine whether construction objects are intersecting for placement purposes, but no promises here.
  • Darklight is a little janky when dealing with cloaks – not just for construction objects – we're currently working toward some better functionality here.
  • Plenty of the visuals for modules and structure death are still a work in progress.



The island continent of Oshur has received a number of updates to certain bases, lattice, and surrounding terrain, targeting various pain points conveyed by the community.

Dev Note: The world map and mini-map images will not reflect the updated terrain and base layouts until closer to release. Additionally, we're investigating allowing the Corsair to deploy while on land, but there are currently some significant issues with this.


Oshur Warpgates

  • Flotilla Warpgates have been moved back toward their original positions, and closer to the shoreline.
  • The target acquisition range on Exodus PPC cannons has been reduced.


Mirror Bay Watchtower

  • Renamed to Excavion Cleanup Site.
  • This base has been entirely redone, and now acts as a 4-point capture hybrid water/land base.
  • Water vehicles can now be spawned from this base.


Nascent Shipping and Storage

  • Spawn room is now located on the lower level.
  • There is now a teleporter room to an upper airpad, and a second teleporter to an alternative ground-level room.
  • Water vehicles can now be spawned from this base.


Veridian East Terrace

  • Added a road running north and south around the base. Previously, this base completely halted flow through it.
  • Moved vehicle pad and terminal closer to spawn room.
  • Removed teleporter room.


Bathala Gardens

  • Has been removed, as well as the bridge spanning Mirror Bay.


Centri Import Hub

  • Has been converted into a Large Outpost, allowing for western lattice vehicle access closer to the central island.
  • Water vehicles can now be spawned from this base.
  • Made adjustments to surrounding terrain at its new location.


Lamplight Security

  • Added a bridge to span the pass east of Lamplight Security.
  • The sandbar in the cliff valley has been converted into a channel for water vehicles.
  • Added more roads to complement the bridge and channel entry points.
  • Water vehicles can now be spawned from this base.


Emerald Arborteum

  • Lattice now connects to Oshur Southeast Flotilla.
  • Water vehicles can now be spawned from this base.


Astira Hydroelectric

  • Removed the large "dam" walls, allowing water vehicles to enter/exit the center of the map.
  • Water vehicles can now be spawned from this base.


Wakerift Beachhead

  • Has been moved east and renamed Wakerift Plateau.
  • This Construction Outpost has lattice connections to Excavion Cleanup Site, Astira Hydroelectric, and Seapost H10 - Debris.


Bathala Overlook

  • This construction outpost has been added to the central ring, with connections to Excavion Cleanup Site, Pommel Gardens, Mirror Bay Checkpoint, and Seapost J8 - Delve.


Leif Biochemical

  • This new base has been added to the southeastern island, with connections to Remnant Cove, Emerald Research Co., and the Southeast Flotilla.


Vehicle Adjustments

Vehicle Despawn Timers

Deployed Sunderers, ANTs, and Galaxies equipped with the Lodestar Module no longer have despawn timers so long as you own them. If you spawn a second vehicle, it will despawn as usual.



  • The ANT's Cortium Capacity and Mineral Radars now use max rank by default, and skill lines have been refunded. 
    (Dev Note: This increases the ANT's Cortium capacity to 10k by default, and Cortium detection range to 600m by default.)
  • While driving in an ANT, the nearest friendly silo is pinned to the HUD.
  • The ANT and its target's Cortium are now visible in third person.
  • Added labels to the ANT's Cortium gauges and made the UI more readable.
  • Attempting to harvest while tanks are full now draws attention to your full tank.
  • WLT-Yellowjacket Mining Laser's muzzle FX now properly play on the muzzle in third person.



  • Refunded the Cortium Storage and Starting Cortium max ranks.
  • The Colossus now uses 10,000 starting and maxium cortium by default.
    (Dev Note: Previously, maxed skill lines capped this out at 5k starting and 8k maximum.)


Player Studio

Added the "Deathnaut" and "Reaper Hood" helmets from Steve0 to the TR and VS, respectively.


Known Issues

  • Turrets and Artillery are missing build progress FX
  • Oshur's map and minimap are out of date
  • Various Construction objects will have the wrong corpse model
  • Construction Missions may not display their reward granted notification
  • Some outdated Construction objects still appear in the depot
  • Module sockets may not display their HUD icon
  • Modules have a chance to not be consumed after installation


Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Point Lights and Spotlights now illuminate particle FX. This needs to be tested thoroughly for performance dips and hitching. Basically, go blow up a bunch of stuff and see what happens.
  • All instances of the "Anti-Personnel" Xiphos have been renamed to "Anti-Infantry".
  • The "DeRes" FX used when, for example, repairing an object, no longer turns certain objects black for the duration of the effect.
  • Cleaned up the "Deploy" indicator on vehicles, and the "Deployed" indicator now also shows the hotkey to undeploy.
  • Added an opacity slider for the chat window, allowing the background to appear more opaque or transparent.
  • Adjusted Hossin sky to reduce/remove purple color grading that occurs at certain times of day.
  • Adjusted Indar sky file to use consistent color grading to avoid janky sky file lerping.
  • Adjusted Amerish's sky file to remove reddish midday hues.
  • Unclaimed Mission exclamation point notification no longer appears on the Nav Bar for characters that had previously stockpiled missions.
  • You can no longer hack terminals through walls.
  • A cooldown has been added to equipment terminal use to prevent exploits.
  • Reworked the text in a variety of codex entries.