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Aug. 03, 2022 - PC Hotfix

Outfit Wars Enlistment Begins!

Enlistment for this season's Outfit War event runs from Aug. 03 - Aug. 14. You must have at least 48 players in your Outfit in order to sign up, and 48 players must sign up individually to confirm your Outfit's participation in the event.

Summer Directive - Sullen Swells!

The last of our Summer Directive lineup runs from Aug. 03 - Aug. 17!

  • Beat the Heat - Score kills with a Summer Holiday Weapon.
  • Summer Support - Earn Summer Support ribbons by resupplying or repairing vehicles while in a vehicle.
  • Beach Episode - Earn squad experience.
  • Sunscreen - Earn healing experience.
  • Strife Aquatic - Capture seapost bases on Oshur.
  • Air and Ocean - Earn kills underwater or mid-air as infantry.

Completing the last tier of this directive unlocks Countershade! Conceal your presence on land and sea with this new exceptional implant. Countershade will be made craftable, and found in implant packs after the event ends.

Killing an enemy will conceal your radar signature from detection devices for 8 seconds. Triggering this implant while underwater applies this effect until you resurface.


New to the Depot!

Traitor Bundle - 2999 DBC
There's a spy among us... The Traitor Bundle makes its way to the depot. Be the assassin you've always dreamed of (?) with this new common-pool bundle. Weapons apply progress to the Exceptional VI directive.

  • NS-7 "Assassin" PDW
  • NS-45 "Assassin" Pilot
  • Flash Assassin Plating
  • Flash Stealthwave Tire Trails
  • ANT Stealthwave Tire Trails
  • Harasser Stealthwave Tire Trails
  • Sunderer Stealthwave Tire Trails
  • Chimera Stealthwave Tire Trails (NSO only)
  • Title: Traitor

An infiltrator wielding the new NS-7 "Assassin" PDW.


Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Cleaned up an issue preventing NSO outfit leaders from enlisting their Outfits
  • Optimized Basilisk firing audio for ground-based vehicles. (This was already done for Corsairs.)
  • Optimized particle FX for tank mines, EMP grenades, C-4, Claymores, and various vehicle death explosions.
  • Nanite Boosts now show your proper boosted amount per tick in the loadout screen and TAB screen.
  • Fixed an issue where god rays could wash out flora color.
  • UBP-1 "Steel" Starfish now counts toward the Exceptional VI directive.

Known Issues

  • We're currently investigating periodic hitching taking place on Amerish. This is our highest priority at the moment.
  • Homing and wire-guided projectiles still need a tuning pass, as of the Surf and Storm update.