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Dec. 07, 2022 - Auraximas is Here! (PC Update)

All PC servers will come down for the following update on Wednesday, December 7, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CEST). The downtime for this update is expected to last up to 2 hours.

Auraximas is here!

The winter season brings with it the sights and sounds of Auraximas. New events, items, missions, and more will be available throughout December.


Double Experience Schedule!

Load up on tons of double experience this Auraximas with the following schedule:

  • Double Experience for ALL from Dec. 02 - Dec. 04
  • Double Experience for ALL from Dec. 09 - Dec. 11
  • Double Experience for ALL from Dec. 16 - Dec. 18
  • Double Experience for MEMBERS from Dec. 23 - Dec. 25
  • Double Experience for ALL from Dec. 26 - Jan. 02, 2023


Be on the lookout for snowmen (and mudmen!) spawning across the battleworn continents of Auraxis. Killing one will gift you with a load of experience and contribute toward Auraximas directive progress.
Rare, golden snowmen will occasionally make an appearance as well. Killing one of these grants a special hood ornament for your vehicles!

A Commissar's hat, a Force Blade nose, and two eyes made out of harvested souls.

Auraximas Directive (Dec. 07 - Jan. 01, 2023)

A new directive is available this Auraximas, with familiar objectives and new rewards!

  • Acts of Kindness - Revive fallen allies or earn Sunderer spawn experience.
  • Auraximas Cheer - Complete Auraximas daily missions.
  • Seasons Beatings - Earn kills with Auraximas holiday weapons (including the new ones below!)
  • Slay Ride - Roadkill enemies while wearing a holiday hat.
  • Snow-ManSlaughter - Kill snowman throughout Auraxis.
  • Operation: Snow Fort - Deposit Cortium into a Silo located within a contested region.

Completing the last rank of this year's directive unlocks the Gingerbread Camo and Joyous titles!

You can't catch me...

C-4 Surprise

Check your loadout for a festive brick of C-4, available for use during the holiday event!

Give the gift of explosions.

New to the Depot

A number of new items will hit the Depot this Auraximas for a limited time.
Arctic Warfare Bundle - 3999 DBC

  • Snowblind Helmet (VS, NC, TR, NSO)
  • NS-11C Frostbite (Common Pool Carbine)
  • NS-15M Frostbite (Common Pool LMG)
  • Absolute Zero Camo

Stay cool in any weather with the Snowblind Helmet and NS-15M Frostbite.

Snowcarver Bundle - 2499 DBC

  • Frostbite Tires (Flash, Harasser)
  • Frostbite Plating (Flash, Harasser)
  • Defrost Contrails (Scythe, Reaver, Mosquito, Dervish, Valkyrie, Liberator, Galaxy)
  • Avalanche Tire Trails (Flash, Harasser, ANT, Sunderer, Chimera)
  • Cold Fusion Afterburners (Scythe, Reaver, Mosquito, Dervish, Liberator)

The new Frostbite Plating and Tires are one of the many vehicle cosmetics in the Snowcarver Bundle.

Wintery Wonder Bundle - 1499 DBC

  • Title: Sleigher
  • Gift of Giving Drop Pod
  • Sweet Tooth (Heavy Melee Weapon)

The Sweet Tooth melee weapon, threatening a defenseless (?) snowman.

Auraximas Deals!

Past-years Anniversary Bundles are making a return at a deep discount!

  • Dec. 09, 10, 11
    • First/Second/Third-year Anniversary Bundles 40% off
  • Dec. 16, 17, 18
    • Fourth/Fifth/Sixth-year Anniversary Bundles 40% off
  • Dec. 23, 24, 25
    • Seventh/Eighth/Ninth-year Anniversary Bundle 40% off.

In addition, many items from previous years have returned, including holiday hats (which grant bonus experience!), horns, tire trails, camos, and seasonal weapons!

Mission System Updates

The Mission System has received a number of updates that improve on its functionality.

  • All players now receive 6 missions (plus relevant seasonal event missions,) to choose from each day.
  • The mission pool has been unified, and no longer gates certain missions behind Members-only paywalls.
  • Instead, members will receive increased mission rewards.

Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Reinstated the temporary population reductions on each continent.
    Dev Note: This change was mistakenly reset after rolling zone restarts Wednesday last week, resulting in poor server performance due to high populations in conjunction with the spawn system changes.
  • Fixed an issue where skies would take too long to transition from one sky file to the next. This also fixes the problem with Oshur's underwater visuals persisting for a couple of seconds after resurfacing.
  • Warpgate spawns on locked continents no longer appear in the redeploy dropdown.
  • You no longer see underwater "god rays" while in the lower level of Naum Amp Station on Hossin.
  • NS-30 "Gungnir" Vandal's magazine no longer disappears momentarily during a reload.
  • Fixed an issue with DBC prices sometimes overlapping long Depot bundle lists.
  • Havoc Missiles are now referred to by their correct name in the ESF directives.
  • Polished various Conduit carry animations.