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Dec. 14, 2023 - PTS Update


Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:


This PTS update includes a rework for the Capture the Conduit (CtC) facilities on Esamir, which is a part of the changes planned for the January release. Join us for the playtest, and let us know what you think of the update!

Capture the Conduit

We've reworked or reverted several bases back to their original types—either Capture Points (CP) or Construction Outposts. Your feedback on these changes is crucial! We want to hear about how these adjustments affect the overall map flow and the core mechanics of Capture the Conduit (CtC). Specifically, we need insights on facility capture times (considering spawn point and repository placements) and let us know how balanced extra flag captures feel as opposed to just point holding. Additionally, we've fine-tuned some facilities by adding covers and establishing secure sunderer positions. Below is a list of bases currently changed on PTS:

  • Andvari Barracks (CtC rework)
  • Andvari South Bank (CtC rework)
  • Jord Amp Station (CtC rework)
  • The Traverse (converted back to 1 CP)
  • Baldur Amp Station (converted back to 3 CP)
  • Mattherson's Thriumph (converted back to 3 CP)
  • Spral Oasis (converted back to Construction Outpost)

The capture time for repositories and especially facilities is intentionally slow as additional flags can be captured to grant chunks of capture time. We want to encourage continuous flag captures, but are not requiring it.

For a comprehensive look at the Capture the Conduit update, check out the detailed overview in November's Development Update, available here [].

Drop your feedback on the forums after the PTS build goes live tomorrow.