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Auraximas 2023

Auraximas 2023

Auraximas is here!  And with it comes some fun, both old and new

    • Sanctuary Decorated
    • Directives
    • Double Experience weekends. Separate extra long double experience weekends, one for all and a triple for members!
      • DOUBLE XP FOR ALL - December 22nd - December 26th
      • TRIPLE XP FOR MEMBERS - December 29th - January 1st
  • Previously released Auraximas items have returned to the depot for your winter pleasure.
  • We are also introducing some new items:
    • The 'Knitted Scarf' Helmet.
    • An ice themed 'Cold Fusion' NS-66 Punisher (now with correctly functioning launcher!).
  • All previous Anniversary bundles will be returning at 40% off.
    • The One, Two, Three, and Four year bundles will be available from December 8th - 10th.
    • Bundles Five, Six, and Seven from December 15th - 16th.
    • Finally bundles Eight, Nine, and Ten will appear from December 22nd - 24th.
  • Ringing in the new year we will be bringing back New Year's bundles from previous years as well as offering a new one.
    • New Beginnings Bundle.
      • Fireworks Themed Multi Camos for each faction in their very own stylish colors.
      • A Firework Horn to bring in the new year by leaning on your steering wheel.

Auraximas Directive Event

Seasonal directives should be a fun, challenging and most of all rewarding experience for all our players, new, old and returning! This years Directive boasts an impressive amount of goodies so what are you waiting for, go spread some Auraximas Cheer/Fear!

Directive Event Rewards
Tier 1

  • 250 Certs

  • Title: Ice Dragon

  • Holiday Beanie

Tier 2

  • 500 ISO-4

  • Ice Dragon Banner

  • Ice Dragon Banner Frame

Tier 3

  • 500 A7

  • Ice Dragon Camo (Multi-Camo)

  • Basic Implant Pack

Tier 4

  • Flash Freeze Skin (Flash)


Bug Fixes

Continuing with our effort to squash long-standing bugs alongside each release

  • Continuing to hold the Jump key will no longer cause Light Assault Ambusher Jump Jets to misfire, consuming fuel without the accompanying boost.  If the key is held the jets will now fire properly as soon as enough fuel is regained.
  • Rifle & Auto-shotguns have had their sights more accurately aligned in ADS.
  • Fixed the grenade launcher animation becoming stuck while interacting with terminals.
  • C4 can no longer be attached to the inside of allies (The Joker is disappointed).
  • Vehicle destruction SFX and VFX will no longer cut out before they finish.
  • Geometry and Zone fixes:
    • The no deploy zone at Veridad Pass has been realigned and fixed.
    • An entrance to the geometry under Veridad Pass has been closed off.
    • An invalid restricted area near Grey Heron Shipping on Esamir has been removed.
    • Bastions should no longer be able to clip into the mountains on Amerish.