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Jan. 25, 2024 - PC Hotfix

Game servers will go down for our scheduled pc update tomorrow @ 6am pt / 3pm ct. for a 3hr downtime window.

Bug Fixes

  • Repositories and Conduits should now correctly show faction colors
  • Arbalest sound fix where the gun sounds empty towards the end of firing the remainder of a magazine
  • Repair tool no longer gets stuck in repair mode without spending charge
  • AMR-66, HSR-1, Pulsar C, Serpent VE92 suppressor delay audio fix
  • Fixed an area that prevents Sunderer deployment on Shrouded Skyway

Other Notes

The following bugs require further time to fix, please check future patch notes for further updates.

  • Spawn beacon fx bug
  • Outfit chat bug
  • Single shot camera shake / recoil bug introduced in previous patch