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July 19, 2023 - PC Update

Game servers will go down for our scheduled pc update tomorrow @ 6am pt / 3pm cest. for a 3hr downtime window.

Tides of Summer Event

Operation Tidebreaker

  • Summer directives are back with Operation Tidebreaker! Complete a variety of challenges from July 5 through July 31 to earn summer-themed Lumifiber trim for the Corsair and Harasser.

Summer Bundles

  • Fiery Ares Helmet, stylish Lightning Surfbreaker Plating, and razor-sharp Corsair Surfcutter Plating make their debut in the Depot. Available for a limited time.
  • Liberation Bundle, Stars and Stripes Contrails Bundle, flare guns, soldier soakers, and sparkler hood ornaments return to the Depot for a limited time.

Double XP for ALL

  • To celebrate the start of Operation Tidebreaker all players will receive double experience rewards from July 21 through July 23!


New Implants

New implants have been added to the game. These implants are available from Basic Implant Packs, Deluxe Implant Packs, ISO-4 Recycler, and the Implant Crafting interface.


  • Melee attacks knock enemies away a short distance. MAX only.


  • When your total health drops below [20/20/20/20/30]% your weapon's cone of fire improves by [5/7/10/12/15]% for [5/5/7/10/12] seconds.

Rapid Response

  • While wielding a beneficial construction module your sprint speed is increased by [7/10/13/15/15]%. At max rank, the time to install beneficial modules is reduced by 50%.


  • Each time you revive an ally a charge is added to Karma. At [30/27/24/20/20] charges, your next death allows you to self-revive once at [50/50/50/50/100]% health. Redeploying or using an equipment terminal will wipe your current progress. Combat Medic only.

Air Drop

  • Upon exiting a vehicle Jump Jet recharge rate is increased by [7/7/7/7/10]% for [8/10/12/15/20] seconds. Light Assault only. 30 second cooldown after triggering.


  • While overshield is active your primary weapon's bullets will now pierce through one infantry target before stopping. While this implant is equipped your overshield's maximum energy will be reduced by [30/25/20/15/15]%. Heavy Assault only.

Dev Note: A massive thanks to those who tested and provided feedback about these (and other) implants during the weeks they were iterated upon on the Public Test Server. Improvements were made for everything from balancing to names. And while the release may not be perfect, some potentially meta-breaking mistakes were avoided with the invaluable help of our community.


New Construction Targeting Lasers

  • Targeting Darts for the Glaive, Flail, and Orbital Strike Uplink have been retired
  • Glaive, Flail, and Orbital Strike Uplink now use a Targeting Laser to paint their targets
    • Acquire Time: 3000ms
    • Min Distance (from player): 20m
    • Max Distance (from player): 150m
    • Targets must be approximately 175m away from the related artillery piece (this range is unchanged).

Dev Note: These were previewed prior to the Fortification update, later mentioned in the Fortification patch notes, and are now ready for the Live environment. The new targeting system allows for more counter-play when painting a target as the player must remain exposed for the duration of the acquisition time and is no longer able to "lob" targeting darts from relative safety (or cloak and run to safety while the dart is still in the air).


Construction Changes

Glaive IPC

  • Now stops firing after each volley.
  • Added warning text to indicate an artillery strike for players in the area.
  • Adjusted a socket so the terminal interaction prompt will no longer move as the cannon rotates.

The Flail

  • Adjusted smoke indicator to red smoke to reduce confusion with squad smoke.

  • Added warning text to indicate an artillery strike for players in the area.


UI Changes

  • Disabling Social Icons in the "Waypoints and Nameplate Options" will no longer display a vehicle icon
  • Light vehicle icons are now being displayed for construction bases
  • Removed timer for vehicle abilities that have a progress bar



  • Adjusted rock placement in and around Seapost J8 to prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Corrected color and texture issues with a variety of helmets and armors.
  • Previewed Cold Fire afterburner effects no longer persist longer than desired
  • Fixed shadow clipping when piloting an aircraft
  • Fixed reload animation on "Endeavor" weapons