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July 7, 2023 - PTS Update

The following are changes, fixes and additions to the latest PTS build that is available for download now.

Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:

  • Fixed issue where targeting laser could not evaluate its target after interacting with a terminal.
  • No deploy zones are now displayed when wielding a targeting laser.



  • Glaive IPC will now stop firing after each volley.
  • Added warning text to indicate a Glaive artillery strike for players in the area.
  • Adjusted the Flail's smoke indicator to red smoke to reduce confusion with squad smoke.

  • Added warning text to indicate a Flail artillery strike for players in the area.


Updated Implants

Outmaneuver/Rally Mechanic

  • These implants have been removed from the game.

Dev Note: We liked the idea of incentivizing vehicle interactions, but further rewarding players for doing the things they should already be doing was perhaps misguided. That said we now have these mechanics at our disposal (reacting to directional vehicle damage, reacting to players exiting vehicles) so that they can potentially be used by designers for other abilities or objectives.