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June 7, 2023 - PC Hotfix


  • Construction items no longer have a cost in VR
  • The Glaive IPC's targeting dart no longer requires a line of sight with the base Glaive structure
  • Added cortium cost (50 per burst) to the Glaive IPC
  • Faction Banners no longer decay when in range of a silo
  • Decaying Faction Banners no longer provide experience when repaired
  • Command Center and Rebirthing Center terminals are no longer available when the structure is not powered by a silo
  • Fixed an issue where Tapp Waystation did not have enough space to build a Command Center and Rebirth Center
    • Dev Note: Two sections of the ring have been removed, allowing the construction of larger structures in those two locations
  • Routers that are not under the influence of a friendly Routing Spire (500m range) will decay and die within 10 seconds
    • Dev Note - Routers can be under the influence of multiple friendly Routing Spires
  • Removed the Access/Permissions radial menu from the Routing Spire
  • Routing Spires' interaction prompt is now easier to access
  • Pulling vehicles from construction terminals no longer grant XP
  • Updated the Solid Wall construction item so the module is accessible at both the upper and lower limits of its build height
  • Solid Wall constructions limits are now at the intended max of 4 per player
    • Previously a bug limited this to 3 per player
  • Terminals from construction objects that have been hacked, and then hacked back, can be deconstructed by the owner
  • Fixed an issue that caused Light Air and Vehicle Terminals to cease functioning after a nearby friendly Silo was destroyed when powered by both a Silo and Construction Facility Silo
  • Orbital Strike Uplink now has ambient audio


Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Fixed a memory leak caused by DLSS and GUI models
    • This leak was most noticeable in Sanctuary with a UI menu open
  • NS-D Helios can now be purchased from the Depot

  • NS Heavy Weapons now work with marketplace filters
  • Fixed erratic left hand animation "popping" while reloading
    • This mainly affected NSO weapons
  • Oshur: Vehicles are no longer able to enter warpgate spawn areas to block access to terminals
  • Oshur: Jaeger: Mini-Meltdowns will no longer trigger if Alerts are disabled
  • New faction based audio tracks have been added to the Character Select screen
    • Selecting a character will play one of the faction based audio tracks at random
  • Updated Esamir map and mini-map
  • Various string updates to account for more accurate and up to date item descriptions