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June 21, 2023 - PTS Update


The following are changes, fixes and additions to the latest PTS build that will be available tomorrow.
(stay tuned to our Twitter account for delivery time updates). This thread will be opened for discussion tomorrow after the PTS update goes live.

Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:

Leave your feedback on our pts patch notes forum post here.


Seeking to increase the options and variety of implants available, we've gone ahead and added 7 new implants for the battlefield. Check them out below!

New Implants

  • Take a Walk
    • Your movement is not impeded when underwater. Weapon behavior is unchanged. MAX units can equip.

  • Juggernaut
    • Melee attacks knock enemies away a short distance. MAX only.

  • Living on the Edge
    • When your health drops below 20% your accuracy increases by 5/7/10/12/15% for 5/5/7/10/12 seconds.

  • Rapid Response
    • While wielding a beneficial construction module your sprint speed is increased by 7/10/13/15/15%. At max rank, the unequip times of beneficial construction modules is reduced by 50%.

  • Air Drop
    • Upon exiting a vehicle Jump Jet recharge rate is increased by 7/7/7/7/10% for 5/7/8.5/10/12 seconds. 20 second cooldown after triggering. Light Assault only.

  • Karma
    • Each time you revive an ally a charge is added to Karma. At 30/27/24/20/20 charges, your next death allows you to self-revive once at 50/50/50/50/100% health. Redeploying or using an equipment terminal will wipe your current progress. Combat Medic only.

  • Overcharge
    • While overshield is active your primary weapon's bullets will now pierce through one infantry target before stopping at the cost of 30/25/20/15/15% of your overshield uptime. Heavy Assault only. At max rank, this will also affect the bullets of secondary weapons.

UI Changes

  • Added ability to toggle off HUD Indicator Waypoints.
  • Added ability to toggle off HUD Indicator Nameplates.
  • Added terminal icons to deployment interface for construction bases.

Bug Fixes

  • Mining and depositing cortium will again provide experience.
  • Oshur meltdown alert should no longer be able to start while the continent is locked.
  • NS-D Helios will correctly play its reload animation in first person when switching to alternate fire mode with under 50 ammo in the magazine.
  • Fix for intermittent flicker on certain shield shaders.
  • Fix for deployed vehicles that could still display despawn timers in some situations.
  • Fix for loyalty gain notifications always showing +0
    • Note that this was a display issue only. Players were earning loyalty as expected.
  • The Implant: Test Server Bundle (Summer 2023) has also been added to the depot for testing purposes as well.