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June 28, 2023 - PC Update

UI Changes

  • Added ability to toggle off HUD Indicator Waypoints
  • Added ability to toggle off HUD Indicator Nameplates
  • Added terminal icons to deployment interface for construction bases


Bug Fixes

  • Mining and depositing cortium will again provide experience.
  • Oshur meltdown alert should no longer be able to start while the continent is locked.
  • NS-D Helios will correctly play its reload animation in first person when switching to alternate fire mode with under 50 ammo in the magazine.
  • Fix for intermittent flicker on certain shield shaders
  • Fix for deployed vehicles that could still display despawn timers in some situations.
  • Fix for loyalty gain notifications always showing +0
    • Note that this was a display issue only. Players were earning loyalty as expected.