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June 29, 2023 - PTS Update

The following are changes, fixes and additions to the latest PTS build that is available for download now.

Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:

New Construction Targeting Lasers

  • Targeting Darts for the Glaive, Flail, and Orbital Strike Uplink have been retired
  • Glaive, Flail, and Orbital Strike Uplink now use a Targeting Laser to paint their targets
    • Acquire Time: 3000ms
    • Min Distance (from player): 20m
    • Max Distance (from player): 150m
    • Targets must be approximately 175m away from the related artillery piece (this range is unchanged).

Dev Note: These were previewed prior to the Fortification update, later mentioned in the Fortification patch notes, and are now ready for public testing. The new targeting system allows for more counter-play when painting a target as the player must remain exposed for the duration of the acquisition time and is no longer able to "lob" targeting darts from relative safety (or cloak and run to safety while the dart is still in the air).


New Implants


  • Reload [15/17/20/25/25]% faster for [7/7/7/7/15] seconds after damaging a vehicle in the back. Can only be triggered while in a vehicle.

Rally Mechanic

  • Upon exiting a vehicle, increase repair rate by [10/12/15/20/20]% for [7/7/7/7/10] seconds.


Updated Implants


  • Increased min/max potency of the knockback effect.

Rapid Response

  • Rank 5 now reduces the time required to install beneficial construction modules by 50%.

Dev Note: The reduced unequip time provided too little impact to be worthy of a rank 5 upgrade. Community suggestions included reducing the amount of time required to install modules and we felt like that was a good fit.

Living on the Edge

  • Renamed to "Deadshot",
  • At Rank 5 the buff triggers when when below 30%.
  • Text now reads "When your total health drops below [20/20/20/20/30]% your weapon's cone of fire improves by [5/7/10/12/15]% for [5/5/7/10/12] seconds."

Dev Note: In practice this implant has proven to be a more difficult to trigger laser sight. To compensate we're improving the duration at most tiers and relaxing the threshold at maximum rank. Additionally we've (hopefully) clarified the text.

Take a Walk

  • This implant has been removed from the game.

Dev Note: As mentioned by players almost immediately, this implant provides a much requested feature and adds it to an implant (a largely end-game feature opted into through spending DBC or a large number of certs). This was intended to be a fun option and not a pay-to-play requirement for Oshur, so we're removing it from the new lineup of implants and will look for other possible places to add such a benefit.

Air Drop

  • Duration has been increased to 8/10/12/15/20 seconds from 5/7/8.5/10/12.
  • Internal cooldown has been increased to 30 seconds from 20.
  • Added visual effects to the player when the buff is active.

Dev Note: The goal is to allow all Jump Jet variants to utilize this implant and the extended duration at higher ranks should provide a greater benefit even if not triggered immediately after exiting a vehicle.

Known Issues

  • Pulling a Targeting Laser and then interacting with a terminal will prevent the laser from acquiring (or failing to acquire) its target. Pressing the Aim button (default: RMB) will resolve this issue.

Leave your feedback on our pts patch notes forum post here.