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Mar. 23, 2023 - PTS Update


Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:


Leave your feedback on our pts patch notes forum post here.


Perihelion (VS Lightning/Magrider Main Cannon)

  • Charge time is no longer infinite, and can now be held for up to 5 seconds before automatically firing.
  • This weapon still reaches a Stage 2 charge at 1 second, and a Stage 3 charge at 3 seconds.


JGX-12 (NC Vanguard Main Cannon)

  • Direct damage from 650 to 600.
  • Blast damage damage from 450 to 400.


JGX-11 (NC Lightning Main Cannon)

  • Direct damage from 700 to 500.
  • Indirect damage from 250 to 350.
  • Reload speed from 3.75sec. to 4sec.

    Dev Note: The intention behind these changes are to bring the overall damage output further in line with the Vanguard and Lightning's AP cannons, while retaining the alpha damage advantage these weapons exemplify.


Aegis Shield (NC MAX Ability)

  • While the shield is active, energy now drains at a rate of 40 per second.
  • Energy recharge rate from 150 per second to 80 per second.

    Dev Note: These changes reduce the overall uptime of the Aegis Shield, and force more conscious management of the energy resource.


Triage Pulse (TR Combat Medic Ability)

  • This ability is now energy-based, and requires full energy to activate.
  • Implants and suit slots that modify combat medic ability energy now also affect Triage Pulse.


Misc. Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Nimitz Reactor's shield recharge effect from being delivered to the client. Changes here have also increased the reliability of the UI when reporting shield-based abilities on vehicles.
  • A-TROSS' Disruptor rounds now activate correctly when equipped.
  • Hands should no longer clip into the weapons of GUI models.
  • While on the redeploy screen, spawn option updates no longer close the remote vehicle spawn window.

Known Issues

  • NSO's Repair Drone is unreliable when attempting to repair the Valkyrie, Liberator, Galaxy, and Dervish. We are currently reviewing a speculative fix for this issue internally.