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Mar. 08, 2023 - St. Patrick's Day Update

Server Performance Progress

Work continues on resolving the server performance issues taking place during high-population hours, and even more so on Amerish. There are two main culprits we're investigating at the moment, the first is a character's "creation" in the zone, and the second has to do with NPCs running unnecessary checks in large areas.

For the first issue, we've noticed an unexpected amount of time being devoted to creating a character on a zone. In this case, "creating a character" refers to the act of a player warping to a zone for the first time (not the act of creating a character at the character create screen.) During our last telemetry capture, this was happening a little more than once per second as there tends to be a trickle of players into active combat zones during high-pop hours.

The second issue is that certain NPCs seem to be sweeping for nearby players over large areas, to determine whether certain interactions are valid. CTF NPCs in particular are among those we're looking into. Given that Amerish has the most CTF bases, and tends to be a popular continent in general, this could point to why performance seems to be worse there. This isn't confirmed just yet, but we're adding additional Telemetry instrumentation to this update to allow us to acquire more granular information in future captures.

TL;DR – Server performance continues to be a work-in-progress, and we have a few leads that we're actively looking into.


St. Patrick's Day 2023

From Mar. 17 through Mar. 26, the Wyrdwood Bundle, Green Fortune Bundle, Gold Lover's Bundle, and more St. Patrick's Day items return to the Depot, alongside the new offerings below!

New to the Depot

Jackpot Bundle - 2999 DBC
This bundle contains Jackpot weapons from previous years all in one place.

  • NS "Jackpot" Decimator (Common Pool Rocket Launcher)
  • NS-44 "Jackpot" Commissioner (Common Pool Sidearm)
  • "Jackpot" Cerberus (VS Sidearm)
  • TX2 "Jackpot" Emperor (TR Sidearm)
  • LA3 "Jackpot" Desperado (NC Sidearm)

St. Patrick's Day Bundle 2023 - 3999 DBC
Be the luckiest soldier on the field with this new LMG-laden bundle.

  • Golden Clover Decal (Outfit Decal)
  • Golden Clover Camo (Common Pool Camo)
  • VE-H "Jackpot" Maw (VS LMG)
  • MGR-L1 "Jackpot" Promise (NC LMG)
  • MG-H1 "Jackpot" Watchman (TR LMG)
  • "Jackpot" XMG-155 (NSO LMG)


The Jackpot LMG lineup.


Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • AP30 Shredder gunfire audio now plays correctly while firing single shots, and no longer gets into a bad state when shooting in full audio after firing single shots.
  • Especially low render distance settings no longer cause a bright circular area to appear in the center of the screen.
  • Unusable mission reward notification no longer appears for players who had banked rewards prior to the overview screen changes.
  • Fixed an issue where map timers could appear stuck at 0:00.
  • Fixed an issue where the CTF base capture progress counter could get stuck in a low opacity state on the map screen.
  • Using the search bar in the depot now also gives you the option to search for items within a specific category.
  • While on the Voice and Chat screen, pressing the Enter key no longer opens the smaller chat box window.
  • Increased the range at which Mandibles will appear on the ANT when viewed from a distance.
  • Updated the low ammo warning sound on the AF-6 Shadow, HSR-1, Nyx VX31, Warden, GD Guardian, AMR-66, DMR-99, and Eidolon VE33.
  • NSO suppressed weapon audio volume and falloff should now be more consistent with other factions' suppressed weapons.
  • ADVX Mako sniper rifle no longer plays incorrect audio while suppressed.