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May 13, 2022 - PTS Update

Empire-Specific Anti-Materiel Rifles

New Anti-Materiel Rifles are now available for each faction. The animations and audio are still a work in progress.

DAGR-81 (Terran Republic) - An infantryman's answer to long-range vehicle opposition, with a quick rechamber and large magazine for sustained fire.

VX4-3 Slicer (Vanu Sovereignty) - This anti-materiel rifle delay-fires a plasma blade that rips through organic material on its way to striking heavily armored targets.

LA60 Masthead (New Conglomerate) - A hard-hitting anti-materiel rifle that deploys a flak payload when dealing with aircraft.

NE-36 Linecutter (Nanite Systems Operatives) - In addition to a balanced magazine, reload, and damage, this anti-materiel rifle can also prevent MAX units and infantry deployables from receiving repairs.


PlanetSide 19-Year Anniversary Inbound

We're about to celebrate 19 years of the PlanetSide franchise. This update includes an all new "Legacy" bundle, and brings back previous offerings as well.

PlanetSide Legacy Bundle

  • 6-month Heroic Boost
  • Title: Enthusiast
  • Apex Drop Pod
  • "Apex" NC1 Gauss Rifle
  • "Apex" T1 Cycler
  • "Apex" Pulsar VS1
  • Infravision [Perfect]
  • Avoidance [Perfect]
  • Minor Cloak [Perfect]
  • Legacy Banner
  • Legacy Banner Frame

Pictures of the contents will make their way to social, and into the Live update patch notes once they're released.


NS-AM7 Archer

  • Hipfire CoF bloom from 0.6 to 1.
  • ADS CoF bloom from 1 to 0.6.
  • ADS movement speed multiplier from 0.75x to 0.5x.

Dev Note: With the increased power provided by the last major update, this weapon's ADS mobility is higher than it needed to be. The Black Market Shortbow has kept this trait, however. The CoF value adjustments are mainly an error correction between the two firing states.



Anti-Materiel Rifle kills have been added as an option to the Engineer's Directive line.

A new Exceptional VI directive line has been added. The reward for this directive is still a work in progress.


Main Navigation Menu

The Main Nav Menu has received many updates based on player feedback. We've moved the Settings, Support, and Codex buttons out of a dropdown menu and into the lower-right hand corner; currencies are now readily visible in the upper-right area without a dropdown; and the logout button now prompts you to either return to the character select screen, or exit the game entirely. Many reported bugs have been resolved and refinements have been made as well.

Additionally, you can now bind a hotkey that will bring up the Settings menu.


HUD Indicator Options

We've added the option to turn off many of the HUD indicators in the game, and can be seen through its own pane in the Settings menu.

This screen is still a work in progress. Certain indicators that are intended to be filtered will sometimes not be, and we're currently exploring options for differentiating some of the categories into friend/foe.


Spawn Changes (Likely Temporary)

When we first launched Oshur, we reverted to some legacy spawn rules with a little less restriction than they had. The intention there was to reduce performance overhead, while encouraging more logistical gameplay. With our investigation of the server performance issues ongoing, we'd like to revert back to the legacy ruleset, but with major reductions in the restrictions so that we don't end up in the situation we had with Oshur. The outcome of these changes is that all of the valid hardspawns on the map will pop at the same time, instead of bringing them online based on the ideal combat zones we'd like to send you to. Vehicle spawn points will activate slightly faster. Ideally this would provide some information for us, and a more performant server for all of you while we continue our investigation.


Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Fixed an issue with Darklight Flashlights revealing cloaks in first person from any distance.
  • Fixed a camera issue with the DV-XAT on the Dervish.
  • Fixed an exploit with the Spitfire Turret.
  • Explosive damage once again works in VR Training, but you'll likely see the return of fidgeting VR training targets as a result.
  • Added new loading screen tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where Spitfire Auto-Turret and Anti-Vehicle Mana Turrets could not allow directive progress, or show as disabled.
  • Critical Chain now works with the NS-AM8 Shortbow.
  • Magrider's turbo costs have been adjusted to return the vehicle to expected performance levels.