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May. 5, 2023 - PTS Hotfix

Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:


UI Fixes & Changes

  • Construction placement arrow colors have been changed
  • Fortification mission now displays the correct reward notification
  • Oshur’s map and minimap are now up to date
  • Module items now have updated iconography
  • List of compatible modules and structures have been updated
    Dev Note: Additional updates will be added in a future hotfix
  • Construction objects in the Terminal no longer display faction colors
  • The Router construction object now has an icon in the construction terminal
  • The terminal categories on the Construction Outpost Silo are now consistent with other Construction terminals


Construction Building Fixes and Changes

  • Artillery structures now require a Cortium silo to perform their actions
  • Certain structures will no longer consume Cortium unless a module is installed
  • Command Center and Rebirth Center Spawn tubes can no longer take damage
  • Command Center and Rebirthing Center will now show No-Deploy zones when held
  • Command Center and Rebirthing Center now have exclusion zones
  • Command Center and Rebirthing Center should no longer clip into objects such as large rock formations
  • The Cortium Silo's terminal now displays an accurate Cortium amount when modules are installed
  • Destroying a Cortium Silo will no longer affect the Cortium amount of other nearby Cortium Silos
  • Grav Lifts will now despawn when the Command Center despawns or is destroyed
  • Lamp Post exclusion zone has been adjusted to allow for more convenient placement
  • Module Stands on the Command Center no longer randomly disappear


Module Fixes and Updates

  • Added FX to Module installation and expiration
  • Added FX to the Flail’s Targeting Dart’s impact location
  • Cortium Capacity Module can now slot into light vehicle and aircraft terminals
  • Unlocked Modules will no longer display as locked in certain parts of the Depot
  • Heat Dispersion Module now functions properly with the Spear Anti-Vehicle Turret
  • Module Stand now displays the currently socketed module
  • Planting and Defusing Tunnel Worm modules will now display the correct interaction text


Misc. fixes, changes and additions

  • All facility types should now award merit and/or loyalty when captured/defended
  • Fixed Nascent Shipping and Storage spawn room teleporter
  • New Construction objects can now be deconstructed with the Welding Device
  • Switching between holding construction items and deployables will no longer affect placement modes
  • The following outdated construction structures have been removed from the Depot:
    Repair Module Schematic
    Skywall Shield Emitter
    Structure Shield Module
    Turret AI Module Schematic
  • Welding Device now works on the Cortium Reserve Silo and Infantry Tunnel


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