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Nov. 09, 2022 - PTS Update

The Public Test Server is now available to all, with known issues listed below. Please submit any feedback in this thread.
Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:


See the full Anniversary Update Patch notes here.


Playtest this Weekend!

We'll be hosting a public playtest on Saturday, Nov. 12, from 11am - 1pm PT. Stop by to check out all of the additions, and give the CTF mode a proper playthrough.

Known Issues


  • TAA-based modes need a tuning pass to remove jaggies. The current build uses some sharpness tuning that went a bit too far, and removed some of the value of TAA anti-aliasing.
  • For those wondering, you can, indeed, disable anti-aliasing altogether.

Capture the Conduit

  • Repos still need HUD indicators, lack their "overload-style" capture mechanics, and need some additional audio polish.
  • The flag itself currently lacks a HUD indicator while dropped or carried, and the mini-map indicator while dropped is placeholder.
  • The main map currently lacks the strike current/maximum counts above the base icons.
  • Being revived when the flag was held in your hand last will prevent your weapon from firing until you switch weapons. You are also shown as holding a (fake) flag in-hand until you do so as well.
  • Remaining animation work on the flag carrier.
  • Overseer announcements currently need work.

Interior Lighting

  • We're currently resolving an issue with the interior "sky" that causes the transition to be a little rough.
  • Satellites aren't currently being cleaned up between indoor/outdoor (you'll see two suns/moons.)