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Oct. 5, 2023 - Nanite of the Living Dead '23 (PC Update)

Game servers will go down for our scheduled pc update tomorrow @ 6am pt / 3pm cest. for a 3hr downtime window.

Halloween Event (Oct. 05 - 31)

SpacePumpkins, frightening masks and more have arrived to the haunted world of Auraxis. Nanite of the Living Dead is here and with it brings the return of the haunted bastion fleet carrier, Halloween directive, cosmetics and more!

Space Pumpkins are back!

Scattered across a continent near you, these pesky squashes are springing up everywhere! Destroy them for bonus XP and progress on your Halloween directive!

Halloween Directive

Swing by Sanctuary and say hello to Sanctuary's festive vendors! When ready, venture out to battle and complete your Halloween missions to unlock the "Infernal" title and Halloween 2023 Banner and Frame.

Halloween 2023 Banner and Frame

Haunted Bastion Event

The Bastion Fleet Carrier has been spotted haunting the battlefields. Like an undead zombie, the carrier returns even upon its destruction. Keep an eye to the skies, soldier!

The Fleet Carrier can destabilize lattice hardlines while spawned making certain parts of the map incapable of being contested or captured until it is destroyed. The more SpacePumpkins are destroyed, the more likely this beast will appear!

New Depot Items

  • Doombringer Helios variant
    • This new Helios is wrapped with chains, spikes and horns, very doomlike.
  • Pumpkin Smasher Tires
    • Tread with style and equip these new wheels for your Sunderer, Harasser, Flash, and ANT.
  • Previous Halloween depot items have also returned including Halloween themed vehicle horns, decals, and helmets!

"Doombringer" Helios available in the Depot

Pumpkin Smasher Tires


  •  Fixed a bug that allowed a MAX to be revived by revive grenade.
  •  Fixed missing glowing textures on bugged decals.
  •  Fixed an exploit that allowed you to shoot under barrel grenades while in the weapon's rifle configuration.
  •  Fixed a bug that allowed you to revive through walls with the Revive tool.
  •  Fixed decals that do not appear on vehicles.
  •  Fixed glaive cannon rotation issues that caused abnormal cannon movements.
  •  Fixed a bug involving purchasing the 1.75x zoom attachment for the JVN-30 Salamander with Certs for NSO.
  •  Fixed a bug where the Recon Array did not trigger a sound when a construction structure was under attack.
  •  Fixed a bug with the chimera's secondary gun turning into the tank itself appearing to shoot through itself in third person.
  •  Fixed a wheel audio loop bug on the chimera that would trigger when the vehicle was stationary.
  •  Partially fixed bug with the renderer on Indar.