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Mar. 09, 2022 - St. Patrick's Day (PC Update)

All PC servers will be offline for the following update, Mar. 09, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CET). Downtime is expected to last up to five hours due to backend maintenance.

St. Patrick's Day (Mar. 11 - 27)

Across the verdant fields of Amerish, the distant sound of uilleann pipes draw nearer as St. Patrick's Day approaches. This year, a variety of new weapons and cosmetics are available for our fortunate soldiers.
Starting March 11, previous St. Patrick's Day offerings will be made available along with the new items shown below!

This "Lucky Banner" can be found in the 2022 St. Patrick's Day bundle!

New this year!

Wyrdwood Bundle - 1499 DBC

Tap into tradition with the Wyrdwood Bundle. Caubeens are available for all factions, and the Wyrdwood Shillelagh contributes to the Exceptional V directive.

  • Title: Druid
  • Wyrdwood Outfit Decal
  • Wyrdwood Caubeen (Helmet - All Factions)
  • Wyrdwood Shillelagh (Melee Weapon)

Pictured: Wyrdwood Caubeen, Wyrdwood Decal, Clover Camo, and NS-44 "Jackpot" Commissioner. Classy robot sold separately.

2022 St. Patrick's Day Bundle - 3999 DBC

This massive St. Patrick's Day Bundle contains loads of vehicle cosmetics, a profile banner, and a stylish new Commissioner that contributes to Exceptional V directive progress.

Lucky Banner Profile Banner
NS-44 "Jackpot" Commissioner
Shamrock Contrails

Green Afterburner

Danny Boy Horn

Pictured: A mosquito in Clover Camo, with Shamrock Contrails and Green Afterburner effects. Make your enemies green with envy.

Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • The Ukraine flag decal can now be found in the Depot for 1 cert.
  • Fixed issues with some construction objects and smaller deployables not being placeable due to invalid line of sight checks or location checks.
  • Clicking on squad spawn locations that are still on spawn cooldown no longer allows you to bypass the timer.
  • X/Y/Z axis particle effects will no longer occasionally appear beneath players' feet.
  • Fixed an issue with NSO reload animations not playing correctly for certain weapon types.
  • Fixed an issue where you could shoot through gaps in geo at Interlinks and Emerald Arboretum on Oshur.
  • Fixed an issue with certain rocks on Oshur preventing weapons from using ammo or dealing damage.
  • Reduced the height of a lip on the upper portion of the Trident so players would be able to jump over it.
  • Removed an invisible gravity pad at SolTech Charging Station on Amerish.
  • Jumpjets in use underwater should no longer be heard by players outside of water.
  • The NE-11 PML now has underwater audio.
  • Underwater rifles now all have distinct audio.
  • You can now see submerged forcefields and lumifiber underwater.

Looking Forward

Hey there. If it seems like this update is a bit light (outside of all these wicked dope cosmetics,) it's because we've been heads down working on a larger update that we'll be talking about in a Dev Letter next week. As a reminder of what we've got planned for this year (and when you're likely to see these features,) here's a link to the roadmap article: All of that is still 100% on track at the moment, but you never know what the future holds... Except these updates. It holds all these updates. Here's a shot of the New Conglomerate's new empire-specific basilisk variant to placate that curious hunger.
-Wrel, Lead Designer