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June 30, 2022 - PTS Update (Surf and Storm - Round One mulligan)

Test Server will unlock at 7pm PT. tonight, HOWEVER -- There is a major known issue with the Corsair that is causing stuttering and major FPS impact. This seems to occur primarily during or shortly after collisions, or when a "bugged" entity is in the nearby area.

You are free to test, but try to play nice. The team will continue working on this issue so that we can try to pull off the scheduled weekend playtests.


Hello again. We've resolved the physics crashing the Corsair was causing last weekend, and we'd like to get playtests set up for today Friday and Saturday! This build of the Test Server will be available to playtest 12pm PT Thursday, June 30. Testing schedule detailed below.

Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies here.


Community Playtest Schedule:

  • Friday - July 01 at 4pm PT
  • Saturday - July 02 at 11am PT

Each test is expected to last roughly an hour and a half.


These patch notes are largely reposted from last week, with additions and fixes that've taken place over the week so far.


Our very first water vehicle makes its way into PlanetSide 2! The Corsair assault craft is an 8-passenger patrol boat with a pilot, two gunners, and five passengers seats equipped with the catapult system.

  • Catapult System - Passengers can launch themselves into battle by charging up the catapult and letting go to fire! Note: Placeholder audio.
  • Armament - The Corsair is equipped with the M20 Basilisk, Dingo ML-6, M60-G Bulldog, M18 Palisade (TR only), V42 Pariah (VS only), N30 Trawler (NC only), C2-20 HCG (NSO only).
  • General Note: Corsair movement feel and audio are still a work in progress.


  • The lattice on Oshur has received a heavy rework.
  • Exodus Flotillas have been moved away from the "large islands" to take more advantage of the combat space without dealing with angry Flotilla defenses, and Seaposts now offer many more flanking opportunities around the map. Note: There's still a lot of work in progress here, and the Flotilla positions will likely change again before release to balance out the northern part of the map.
  • K&H Tech Station has been reworked and is no longer an open-field capture point base.
  • Veridad Pass has received more cover.
  • Nine Seaposts have been added in Oshur's interior space, and each have new underwater combat spaces and an underwater capture point.
  • Six Seaposts have been added on the outer ring. These currently have a floating capture point, and are mainly meant as a way for Flotilla forces to make their way to the shore.
  • Genudine Coral Nursery has been added as an underwater single-point base in the center of the map, and now connects Pommel Gardens and Wakerift Beachhead. Note: Genudine Coral Nursery is likely to receive a different final name.
  • Pommel Gardens and Astira Hydroelectric no longer have a connected lattice link.
  • Mirror Bay Watchtower's vehicle bay capture point has been moved into the field east of the base.
  • Causing a Meltdown on Oshur now requires 5 facilities total, and no longer provides points by connecting Warpgate lattices.
  • Removed placeholder tower platforms on the eastern side of the map.

General Note: The map visuals on Oshur will be incorrect until we finalize the objects and terrain nearer to release, and base/terrain/hexgrid work is still currently in progress.

Water Mechanics

  • Movement speed penalty while underwater reduced from 60% to 45%.
  • Floating vehicles now bob gently in the water.
  • All non-vehicle small-arms (resist type 2) weapons have now been enabled to underwater combat – projectiles receive heavy drag while underwater, though amphibious weaponry has fewer penalties. Note: Underwater-capable weapons are awaiting particle visual and audio polish.
  • C-4, Mines, and many (but not all) tools and deployables are now available for use while underwater.
  • A new "Diver Propulsion Device" in the Tactical Slot, and is available for certification points for non-Light Assaults. This device allows you to cruise around the water similar. Note: This device is still being tuned, visuals and audio are unfinished.

Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Lumifiber Rampart Wall now has the same health pool as the normal Rampart Wall.
  • UBP-1 Starfish and UBR-300 Swordfish are now available to unlock with certs/DBC.
  • "Apex" weapons now count toward the Gun Game mission.
  • Fixed missing antennae on the Trident Relay.
  • PSA-01 Hammerhead AMR now states the correct default zoom level.
  • Fixed broken Anti-Materiel Rifle rechamber animations.
  • Fixed an issue where Structure Shield Module wouldn't affect objects within its area of effect.