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Feb. 03, 2023 - PTS Update

The following update is now available on the Public Test Server.
Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:

Reflex and ACOG Revamp

  • We've done a second pass on reticle art to clean up some of the visual "dust" and adjust optics sizes. Most optics are now smaller, and some have been made more clear by reducing line outer glow.
  • A new "Reticle Tint" feature has been added to the Interface settings, with a palette of colors to choose from. Doing so will tint the color of all reflex and ACOG sights, and the reset option will default them to the standard colors.
  • In addition, you can now hide the reflex and ACOG reticles entirely, allowing those using third-party overlays to do so without hindrance.

Voice Packs and Gender Change

  • For accounts who have owned voice packs before they were originally consolidated, using a Gender Change Token will now properly grant the voice pack of the target gender to your character.
  • However, this gift is only applied at the character level (not account level,) due to limitations in current tech. Because of that, new characters won't have voice packs that were gifted on other characters. You can swap genders a couple of times to get around this: once to a gender that owns the voice pack, then back again so the voice pack is gifted via the token.

New Depot Items

  • Fuzzbuket's NSO Defector helmet, "Trash Eater" is now available in the Depot.
  • Binaryc0der's NSO "Response" armors are now available for Light Assault, Heavy Assault, Medic, and Engineer. The existing Infiltrator Response armor has received some visual updates as well.

Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Carried over the pre-filled text from the chat box on the HUD to the chat screen in the social menu.
  • Added frame housing to the Endeavor reflex optics.
  • Ammo Resupply and Proximity Repair icons now appear on the map for the Corsair.
  • Fixed a size issue related to deployed Lodestar map icon.
  • Updated messaging in the voice pack dropdown for unowned voice packs.
  • Receiving a headshot as an NSO character now uses the same audio as receiving a headshot on a non-NSO character, for consistency.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dive! horn not playing correct audio in first person while equipped on a ground vehicle on land.
  • First person animations no longer lean to the left regardless of walking direction.