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Sept. 23, 2022 - PTS Update

The following update is now available on the Public Test Server.
Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:

PTS Tank Cannon Iteration

Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed projectile convergence issues on Kingsnake.
  • Fixed Vanguard JGX12's slow rotation speed.
  • Fixed incorrect icon resolution.

Perihelion (Charge)

  • Added a charge-based variant of the Perihelion for the Magrider (which will also be given to the Lightning depending on feedback.)
  • This weapon can charge up to 3 projectiles, has a 3-round magazine, and loses its piercing capabilities.
  • Please provide your feedback on this separate variant of the Perihelion.

Larion PPC

  • Chimera projectile velocity from 400 to 350.
  • Lightning projectile velocity from 350 to 300.
  • Chimera's 1st person camera has been aligned.

Construction Updates

Pain Spire (now EMP Spire)

  • This construction asset has been converted into an EMP Spire which will now deplete and suppress the shields of enemies who wander within.
  • New visual FX convey the danger of this particular structure more clearly.
  • Range of the spire from 15m to 10m.

Dev Note: This softens one of the least fun parts of attacking a construction base, while retaining the defensive nature of this spire.

AI Module

  • In the next PTS update, we'll be converting the AI Module to a module that buffs the effectiveness of turrets with gunners in them, and removes turret automation altogether.
  • The Flail and Glaive IPC will no longer require this module to function.

Dev Note: This addresses another undesirable aspect of the construction system, as it relates to attacking bases, but will likely have knock-on effects within the construction community. We'll need to observe how this plays when out in the wild.

The Flail

  • Direct damage resistance type from 46 (Core Explosion) to 7 (Tank Shell)
  • Blast damage resistance type from 46 (Core Explosion) to 7 (Tank Shell)
  • Blast damage minimum from 500 to 200.
  • Blast damage radius from 20m to 15m.

Dev Note: These changes severely reduce the overall damage output of the Flail.

Infantry Updates

Tank Mines

  • Minimum damage from 10 to 100.

Dev Note: Increases the damage consistency over the falloff range, but this is mostly a cleanup change that falls in line with most other explosives.

Anti-Vehicle Grenades

  • Resistance type from 37 (Infantry Launcher) to 11 (Heavy Explosives)
  • Nanite cost from 50 to 75.

Dev Note: This converts Anti-Vehicle Grenades into a competitive C4 alternative with more reach and less alpha damage.

SPRK-33's Stomper

  • Direct damage from 200 to 225.
  • Blast maximum damage from 350 to 375.
  • Blast minimum damage from 1 to 50.

Dev Note: These changes make SPRK-33's Stomper a little more umph and usability for what is otherwise a fairly lackluster weapon.

Environmental Updates

Containment Sites

  • Removed the Sunderer no-deploys at these locations, allowing vehicles to deploy in the central hub... and elsewhere.
  • The energy room capture point has been moved upstairs, and turning the generator on will no longer capture the point for defenders.

Dev Note: The intention here is to keep the fight (slightly) more centralized to the middle floor, and make these facilities more easily capturable without overwhelming force.


  • Now uses an unstable lattice.
  • Underwater bases will be given teleporter rooms in the next PTS update.

Vehicle Updates


  • Now has access to the "Submerge" ability.
  • Submerge reduces the Corsair's buoyancy for a time, allowing it to sink beneath the waves for a time.

Dev Note: This ability is a bit rough around the edges, but provides a bit more depth to gameplay at sea by allowing some projectile avoidance where little cover is available.

Gate Shield Diffuser

  • This ability now allows the affected vehicle to sink and (in the case of Sunderers and ANTs) deploy while on the seabed.
  • The description here will still need to be updated to reflect the new functionality.

Dev Note: This helps answer a logistics concern surrounding underwater combat areas by offering more readily accessible spawn options.


API Updates

The following updates have recently been made available through the Census API:

  • SolTech is now sending realtime events
  • Removed all items unlocked on an account from /characters_item and /single_character_by_id (Dev Note: This aims to address certain concerns via third party user tracking.)
  • Fixed NSO characters returning no items in the same collections


Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Sticky Grenades and C4 no longer stick to spawn room shields.
  • Outfits without a MOTD set no longer have a blank message appear upon login.
  • Ground vehicle ammunition dispensers now resupply ammunition to Corsairs within range.
  • Observer cameras no longer receive Out of Bounds messaging.
  • Countershade implant has been added to implant packs and crafting.