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July 13, 2022 - Surf and Storm (PC Update)

Surf and Storm

All aboard! The Surf and Storm update is finally here -- bringing with it the first-ever water vehicle, major updates to the island continent of Oshur, a whole new style of gameplay underwater, the second leg of our summer event directives, and a whole host of fixes and improvements. Check it out below!


A Gift for All

To celebrate the release of Surf and Storm, we're giving away a platinum version of the UBR-300 Swordfish! Just redeem SURF2022 after the update goes Live!



Navigate the island chain of Oshur with our very first naval vessel, the Corsair assault craft. This vehicle is available on the islands of Oshur, and can be pulled from any Flotilla or Seapost. One driver, two gunners, and up to five additional passengers can assault the sea or shore with this powerful addition to your empire's arsenal.



  • Utility: Fire Suppression, IR Chaff
  • Defense: Nanite Auto-Repair, Proximity Repair, Proximity Ammo Dispenser
  • Chassis: Speed Chassis, Scout Chassis, Agility Chassis
  • Weapons: M20 Basilisk, M60 Bulldog, Dingo ML-6, C2-20 HCG (NSO), M18 Palisade-C (TR), N30 Trawler-C (NC), V42 Pariah-C (VS)
  • Special: Squad-spawn capable, Catapult System

Catapult System

Spawn in your squadmates, then launch them into battle using the Catapult System. Passengers in the last 5 seats can charge the power meter, and launch themselves like a cannonball in their facing direction!


The initial release of the Corsair has a handful of horns, exterior, cockpit, and lumifibers available!




The island continent of Oshur has been heavily revised to include the flow of new bases, a new lattice, and new underwater combat.

Flotilla and Lattice

  • Each Flotilla has been relocated, and their starting lattice/region control has been adjusted to allow for more fight locations throughout Oshur.
  • Updated map and lattice is as shown below.


Victory Conditions

  • Triggering a Meltdown event on Oshur now requires 5 major facilities controlled, and no longer awards linking of Warpgates.
  • Population-based Meltdown alerts trigger as usual whenever the appropriate amount of players are available in the zone.


  • Seaposts have been revisited as a base archetype, and a total of 10 have been added to Oshur.
  • Each Seapost now has a smaller footprint, attached spawn point, and the ability to pull a Corsair from the attached waterdock.
  • The position of these Seaposts allow for more lattice lane variability, and new ways to cut off enemy territory.
  • Nine of the new Seaposts now have underwater single-point combat areas, each with a unique design.
  • Seapost D8 - Collapse is a derelict aquatic research site.
  • Seapost G8 - Pipeline is the site of a sabotaged pipe network.
  • Seapost G6 - Trenches covers deep grooves in the ground.
  • Seapost J7 - Garden is an open coral/rock garden.
  • Seapost L8 - Cliffdive is settled beneath a cliff's edge.
  • Seapost J8 - Delve is an underground cave network.
  • Seapost I11 - Stones is surrounded by teethlike spires of rock.
  • Seapost G11 - Reef is a coral reef with gentle line of sight breaks.
  • Seapost H10 - Debris seems to be the site of a few failed delivery attempts.
  • The pre-existing Seaposts, and one located near the Northeast Flotilla, have floating vehicle capture points.

  • Seaposts now have a new base icon to indicate the water-based nature of the outpost.


  • Many of the low bridges on Oshur have been removed or made passable to facilitate movement of Corsairs through the map.

Bathala Nursery

  • This is a new underwater base in the center of the map, meant as a transitional combat area between the larger center bases.

HMS Technologies

  • A large single-point base has been added to the large northwestern island.

K&H Tech Station

  • This base has been reworked, and is no longer an open-field construction base.

Mirror Bay Watchtower

  • Moved A and C control points into open fields near the base, where attackers tend to congregate.
  • B point has received adjusted entrances for flow, and larger control point capture area.

Centri Mining Operation

  • Now has an updated northern entrance to create less of a choke, and better Sunderer placement.
  • Has a sweet bridge jump just north of the base.

Veridad Pass

  • This open field base has received more cover placement.

Outpost Kalis

  • Fixed a missing Sunderer Garage shield.

Sage R&D

  • Ammo tower at Sage R&D is now functional.


Underwater Combat

Major changes have been made to facilitate combat beneath the waves.

  • Movement speed penalty while underwater dropped from 60% to 45%.
  • Most infantry/MAX small-arms that do not deal explosive or anti-armor damage can now be fired underwater. Attachments that enable explosive damage will prevent these weapons from firing underwater as well.
  • Many deployables, like mines and C4 are still able to be placed underwater, though ability usage is limited in scope.
  • Underwater weapons still have the lowest projectile drag, and effectively the furthest range when fighting underwater.
  • Lodestar's shield no longer activates when deployed underwater.


Diver Propulsion Device

  • Cruise around the Oshur seabed with the new Diver Propulsion Device! While held, pressing spacebar will allow you move through the water with ease.
  • The Diver Propulsion Device is available for certification points, and can be found in the Tactical Slot of all non-Light Assault classes.


Summer Directive - Wave Breaker (July 13 - July 27)

  • Make a splash with the second summer directive!
  • Completing this directive unlocks the UBP-1 "Steel" Starfish to aid in your underwater escapades.


Maximum Pressure Returns! (July 13 - July 27)

  • For a limited time, the Maximum Pressure event makes its way back to Auraxis.
  • Once per continent, this event can trigger, eliminating the cost of MAX units for the duration.
  • Whichever team kills the most enemies during the alert will be victorious!


Outfit Wars Returns! (Enlistment begins Aug. 03)

  • Outfit Wars is a tournament-style event where Outfits work their way up the ranking ladder over the course of a season.
  • This year, we'll be conducting Outfit Wars in a new 1v1 format taking place on the icy battle island of Nexus.
  • Outfits who sign up will bring a platoon of their most talented players into the match with them, and do battle through a 45 minute alert.
  • Hold the most territory for the duration of the alert, or cut off a faction's Warpgate to win.
  • Each match has a limited pool of "bracket points" that can be earned by holding territory through the match. These points will break win/loss record ties, and help your Outfit climb the ladder.
  • More information to come once we're a bit closer to the day.


Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • !! Loadouts will no longer enter a state that can cause certain weapons and equipment to reset itself when logging in or transferring continents.
  • !! You can no longer bypass the squad beacon cooldown when deploying from the map screen.
  • !! Esamir now has functional water, and no longer kills you for dipping your toes in it. Other continents will receive these changes in the future as well.
  • You will no longer occasionally be peppered with friendly fire audio while on Oshur.
  • Made adjustments to Javelin's turbo to compensate for accuracy changes made in a previous update. It should last slightly longer now.
  • Holographic signs have been added to the VR Training area to describe the targets in the firing lanes, instead of the floating HUD prompt.
  • Equivalent Male and Female voice packs have been consolidated, and will now provide versions of both upon purchase/gifting.
  • Lumifiber Rampart Wall now has the same health pool as the normal Rampart Wall.
  • UBP-1 Starfish and UBR-300 Swordfish are now available to unlock with certs/DBC.
  • Impetus now has access to the Weighted Receiver attachment.
  • "Apex" weapons now count toward the Gun Game mission.
  • Fixed missing antennae on the Trident Relay.
  • PSA-01 Hammerhead AMR now states the correct default zoom level.
  • Fixed broken Anti-Materiel Rifle rechamber animations.
  • Fixed an issue where Structure Shield Module wouldn't affect objects within its area of effect.
  • Fixed a UI issue causing completed directives to prevent you from clicking on the pin area of adjacent directives.
  • A codex entry has been added for the Corsair.
  • Fixed a missing vehicle description on the ANT.


Looking Forward

When Oshur was first teased, the community clamored for underwater combat, and I definitely wanted it, too. There was a lot of new going on around that time period: new tech, new ideas, new continent. There was no way we could have pulled the trigger then. The sheer volume of unproven mechanics, necessary FX, audio, playspace additions, and the unanswered question of whether underwater combat would even be fun – it would have been an insurmountable request. Happy to say though that, while Oshur isn't everyone's cup of tea, the way it reignited our players' most nostalgic memories of earliest days of this game was inspiring. It was a goal we aimed to hit, and your response gave us enough confidence to keep moving in this direction. PlanetSide 2 has always been about massive scale, combined arms, and the awe and excitement that these elements can create. Over time players will exchange excitement for efficiency, as they settle into a game's rhythm – it happens with any gaming community that's been around for long enough... But one thing (I hope) I've learned over the past 6 years as a team member, is that the original dream, promise, or memory, maybe, is the true heart of the game. Any time we can bring back that childlike wonder, when everything was fresh, and new, and unexplored, feels like a goal worthy of developing for, and I hope this update finds some of that for you again.

-Wrel, Lead Designer