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Amped for Amerish


By: Margaret "Luperza" Krohn

The long awaited Amerish revamp is upon us! Hop in game to experience the following new changes:

-       Implemented the Lattice System

-       Performance pass

-       Separated the Facility Satellites into independent outposts

-       Added 9 brand new outposts!

-       Updated, polished and/or reconstructed every outpost on the continent

-       Added the multi-cap point Amp Station at Sungrey

-       Improved roads throughout the map for easier travel

-       Updated resource rewards to maintain resource clusters on the updated Amerish continent

-       Increased major facility resource rewards on Amerish from 30 to 50


Check out our video overview and photos! Let us know which base on Amerish is your favorite via the forums, Twitter and FaceBook! If you want to score brownie points, send us your feedback on ALL OF THEM! =)