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Are you hearing (new) voices?

By: Tony “RadarX” Jones

Another week, another update for PlanetSide 2! Here are some of the highlighted changes designed to improve your gameplay:


•  New VO Packs Available in the Marketplace
•  Camo Bundling to Ensure Consistency
•  Class Quiz for Starter Bundles
•  New Sniper Rifles!
•  Start Off in the Action


Are you tired of using the normal “Frag out!” or “I need a medic!” commands? Why not let our new VO packs change things up for you? Available in Stalwart, Grizzled, Roughneck, and Daredevil themes, these will make you stand out from the rest of your squad.

If you are a new player or are trying out a different faction, don’t ignore the Class Quiz! You’ll get amazing items like weapons, camo, and experience boosts absolutely free. Just make a new character and you’ll have the opportunity to find out which class works best for you!

Infiltrators: this week’s update will enhance the recent changes to your class with additional weaponry. One common pool and three empire themed sniper rifles are now available. Add a little flavor to your next headshot with the following:

AF-8 Railjack – The cutting edge railgun technology found Auraxis’ Fireams Railjack sniper rifle allows for lightning-fast bullet velocities to take down distant targets while requiring significantly less leading.

TRAP-M1 – Multiple firing modes on the TRAP-M1 give it incredible flexibility on the field. In addition to standard semi-auto fire, it utilizes a 2x burst mode for accurate long-range kills, with an additional higher RPM 3X burst mode for closer targets.

Phaseshift VX-S – Equipped with an experimental regenerating power core, the Phaseshift VX-S can be fired indefinitely with the proper trigger discipline, or held down to fire a powerful overcharge shot. Reloading the core will cool down an overheated Phaseshift.

Camo bundling is also now available in the Depot! Not buying your camos piecemeal means you can find weapon, vehicle, and armor all in the same pack!

Finally, save time by dropping right in the action when you log in to the game. Not starting in the Warpgate means reduced downtime and more combat, which is what PlanetSide 2 is all about!

Check out the rest of the patch notes over on the forums.