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Happy Armistice Day

Happy Armistice Day, Terrans!

You don’t know what Armistice Day is? Well, if you’re not Terran Republic, I’ll give you a break…but if you are, shame on you! =P

Armistice Day marks the anniversary of the end of humanity’s last great war on Earth and the birth of the Terran Republic. Armistice Day serves to remind the people of the TR what they are fighting for – to bring peace and unity to Auraxis.

As a celebration piece, we’ve created a Commissar Hat.

Terran Republic soldiers, be sure to grab your hat in the marketplace, coming soon!

For my fellow Vanu Sovereignty soldiers (oh and those New Conglomerate folk too), fret not! We have our own holidays to celebrate. For now, let’s all agree? Terran Republic soldiers are still KOS (kill on sight).

Good hunting soldiers,

/Margaret "Luperza" Krohn