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Bastion Smash is Coming this Saturday!

That's no sunset, soldier - those hulking shadows looming over the horizon herald the arrival of the first Bastion Smash!

Bastion Smash will feature SIX Bastion Fleet Carriers split between two massive Outfits (TR vs NC) in a battle for air dominance over the jungles of Hossin on Jaeger (a special PS2 server reserved for large-scale community events). This community-organized competition will be an epic air spectacle like no other, with over 350 pilots committed to each side. All the action is set to go down on Saturday, April 25 at 12PM PDT (9PM CEST).

Saturday's event will be our first opportunity to experiment with allowing Empires (and Outfits) to summon more than one Bastion, and the community organizers have worked diligently to organize the signups and ruleset. You can check out all the details here

If you want to tune in, we'll be hosting PooNannersPlay at starting at 12PM PDT on Saturday. Some of your favorite PS2 streamers like ArsheeTV and Faber0ne will also be bringing you their live coverage. Don't miss out on some epic air carnage this Saturday!