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CM Mithril reporting for duty!

Hello PlanetSide 2 players!

My name is Mithril and I am hyped and excited to work with you all as your new community manager!


A little about myself:

I’ve been managing various gaming communities for over a decade, you can rest assured your voice is being heard!


I enjoy tabletop gaming, sci-fi films, screenplay writing, drawing and of course video games.


I’ve been playing FPS shooters for many years and have become invested in the battlefield action of PlanetSide 2!

I am presently sneaking behind enemy lines calling out enemy positions and dropping down spawn beacons as a Terran Republic Infiltrator. Check your corners for movement and watch out for my mines!

I’ll be on the comms on social media and on the forums.


If you have any suggestions or concerns game related or community related, I urge you to drop them on our forums. Get a conversation going or contribute to an existing one, either way I’ll read it and report to the team weekly.

See you on the battlefield, soldier!

- CM Mithril