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Building a Stronger Community

Hey there.

I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts on the importance of our game's community, and talk about actions we're taking to help maintain it.

A community's overall disposition toward other players is, in my eyes, one of the most telling indicators of a game's long-term health. Our community is (on most days) particularly welcoming to new players; we have veterans who organize large, server-level events for all to partake in; and we have a group of great content creators who care deeply about the game. When all things are weighed in the balance, PlanetSide 2 is by and large one of the best gaming communities that I've been a part of.

That's not to say there isn't room to improve.

Our community isn't an isolated entity that exists only on Auraxis. The people you meet in the sandbox are the same ones you're going to find in Discord, on Reddit, or in the Forums; so what you say and do can have impacts that ripple outwards. Ultimately, we want all of our players to treat each other with excellence. Targeted harassment, hate speech, and inciting toxicity (as well as cheating and exploitation) are all things that we take seriously. While punitive measures are typically taken on actions that happen within the game, don't rule out being held accountable for your actions outside of it as well.

To help us combat poor behavior, we've given you some new options to send in reports.

Emailing either of these addresses will allow you to report players for breaking the code of conduct or terms of service, and allows you to provide evidence more easily.

Please be sure to include the character name, and a date/time if possible. Links to videos or screenshots are also helpful, provided it's not sent as an actual attachment to the email (as those don't get reviewed.)

Prior to this, a CS ticket was the easiest way to prioritize reports, but there was a lot of friction involved in doing that. The /report command, while accessible, is pretty spammable, and you can't send in links to evidence as easily.

The new email option is a happy medium.


To wrap this up, we want to make sure that folks who jump in-game only have to worry about dealing with... you know... bullets, explosions, and whether or not that BASTION FLEET CARRIER IS COMING YOUR WAY, not people being awful in chat or elsewhere.

So, continue helping us make the community a bit more welcoming.


Thanks, folks.

-Wrel, Lead Designer



P.S. Links to things you should know below.