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Community Update September 2012

What an exciting few weeks it's been for us working on Planetside 2.  If you are in the Beta we hope you've been having as much fun as we are using new certifications and trying out base capture mechanics.  It's been going extremely well and there have been a number of insightful discussions from the development team on our forums. Be sure to check out the new Twitter feed and the employee tracker to stay in touch with everything.

If you aren't yet in the Beta there are still a number of opportunities for you.  Continue to follow our official Twitter feed and be sure to show up for Friday Night Ops every Friday. Luperza has been doing an amazing job and we always hand out a few keys during the show. 

If you want a sure way to get in the Beta, then Alpha Squad is the answer.  Instant Beta access is really only the cherry on top of this great deal though.  Not only do you get Station Cash to spend when the game launches, you'll get an exclusive camo set, unlock additional weaponry, and more.  It's worth checking out so head to our website.

You'll see more from us in the near future so make sure you are following us on Twitter and Facebook. We'll see you all at Friday Night Operations (I mentioned how awesome this was right?) and in game.