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Attention Solders: PlanetSide�2 Executive Producer

Hello Soldiers!

I’m sure you all have been following the awesome previews, event coverage, fan streams and gameplay videos that have emerged from the ongoing PlanetSide 2 external Beta. The NDA was removed just about two weeks ago and we highly encourage those of you in the Beta to share your experiences with the rest of the gamer community.

Beyond Beta, SOE Live is coming up fast and I wanted to reach out to everyone about how PlanetSide 2 will be involved this year. The PlanetSide 2 team has traveled to numerous international trade shows and we’ve shown the game at a number of industry events, but none of them are about our fans as much as this annual event that SOE holds in Las Vegas, SOE Live. For those that don’t know it is four days of fun, panels, gaming, tournaments and dinners where SOE staff and development teams get to interact and meet face to face with our players. I’ve outlined a few items below that I highly encourage all able bodied soldiers to attend!

Auraxium Showdown
Gear up with a new character and compete in a three day leaderboard challenge! Three rounds of play with the top six players from each round entered into the finals. Players will be ranked on score with prizes for the top ten competitors in the final round and the winner raking in a cool $6000. Total prize pool for this tournament is $10,100...that’s right, over 10k worth of prizing!

Dev Panels
A number of the devs have signed up to hold panels on some of their favorite topics. The panels will cover environments, characters, mechanics and ForgeLight with deeper discussions on everything from base design to classes, and animations to vehicle mechanics. It’s really a great chance to dive deeper into topics with the people actually working on them.

Live Streams
We’ll also be hosting two of our live streams direct from Vegas! Matt & Tramell are going to onsite doing a live episode of the PlanetSide Command Center covering not only what’s new in the game, but the happenings of SOE Live. And our very own Luperza will be streaming Friday Night Ops!

Director Q&A
With so much evolving during Beta and the activity on the forums there are more things to talk about than can be covered in any one panel. Make sure you jot down all of your Outfit’s questions and take the opportunity to get them answered direct from the source. Not only will Matt and Tramell be there, but the ever elusive Codeforge will make an appearance.

As I mentioned the biggest the part and what we’re most looking forward is being able to sit down and talk to the PlanetSide 2 players. We’ll be easily identified so be on the lookout.

Make sure to come out and join us in Vegas October 18-21!

Loyalty Beyond Death!

Josh Hackney
Executive Producer
Planetside 2