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Update: New Construction Items and More!

Soldiers of Auraxis – are you ready to turn the tides of war? We’ve added a handful of brand new Construction items to help you shape the battlefield to your advantage:

Ammo Dispenser: When powered by a nearby silo, it will resupply the ammunition of ground vehicles in its vicinity.
Alarm Module: Alerts the owner and their squad when an enemy is detected or a construct is attacked within 100 meters of the alarm module.
Light Vehicle Terminal: The Light Vehicle Terminal can be used to spawn small and medium sized ground vehicles at the cost of both Cortium and Nanites.
Light Air Terminal: The Light Air Terminal can be used to spawn light aircraft such as ESFs and Valkyries at the cost of both Cortium and Nanites.
Elysium Spawn Tube: When powered by an adjacent silo, the Elysium Spawn Tube will provide a spawn point for nearby allies at the cost of a small amount of Cortium each spawn. Additionally, it includes a matrixing option, allowing those linked to it to spawn at it from anywhere on the continent.
Pillbox: Small fortified structure that can provide cover for both infantry and deployed equipment.
Vehicle Gate: Vehicle Gates are large walls with an opening wide enough for vehicles to pass through; when combined with a Structure Shield Module the opening will be sealed with an energy shield that will block enemy vehicles and large projectiles.
Glaive IPC: The Glaive Ionized Particle Cannon is an unmanned mid-range artillery that disrupts defensive shield systems but only inflicts minor damage to personnel and equipment due to its lack of conventional payload. The IPC requires AI module support.

Plus, a brand new weapon, the NSX Naginata, is ready to be added to your arsenal:

NSX Naginata: The prototype Naginata light machine gun can maintain rounds on medium-ranged targets without releasing the trigger, but quickly loses that benefit while moving.

Finally, there are a few other new features included in this update:

  • You can now purchase bounties with certs
  • Brand new Faven Armor sets are headed to the Depot – read more on that here!

How will your empire dominate with these new modules and weapon? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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