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Nanites of the Living Dead Rises Again!

Soldiers – it’s time to ready, aim, fire at some gourds! From Friday, October 14, 2016 through Monday, November 7, 2016, destroy the Space Pumpkins scattered across Auraxis and pick up their seeds (SPS). Bringing these seeds to a designated SPS drop-off zone will earn you one of these rewards:

  • Azure Inferno Skull (NC only)
  • Crimson Inferno Skull (TR only)
  • Violet Inferno Skull (VS only)
  • Skull Noir (NS)
  • Inferno Skull (NS)
  • Spectrum Skull (NS)
  • Frankenstein Facepaint (NS)
  • Jester Facepaint (NS)
  • Skull Facepaint (NS)
  • Augmented Brain Chassis (NS)

While you can wear these masks all year round, the XP bonuses they may provide are only available during this limited time event!

But wait, there’s more:

  • The NS CandyCannon 300, The Slasher, and seasonal horns are available for purchase
  • Complete the Halloween directives to unlock special rewards

Plus, picking up a Boost from the Depot will help you earn those seeds and XP even faster. Act quickly and grab these goodies before we lay them back to rest!

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