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Driver’s Ed: Tips for Maneuvering Vehicles of Auraxis.

By: Erin Oakley


Ground vehicles are a key component of victory in PlanetSide 2.  From the speedy Harasser to the formidable two-person battle tanks, there’s something for every play style and situation.  But are you practicing proper vehicle etiquette?  Brush up with these handy tips and avoid Auraxian road rage:


Do: Wait your turn to resupply at the Ammo Silo.

Don’t: Try to make the line go faster by tank-mining the guy in front of you.


Do: Park your damaged Harasser by a friendly Engineer; they might repair it for you!

Don’t: Park your damaged Harasser on a friendly Engineer. (Enemy Engineers are totally fair game though.)


Do: Try equipping one of the new vehicle horns to let people know you’re coming through.

Don’t: Think that yelling “BEEP BEEP” in proximity chat is going to cut it.


Do: Experiment with crazy stunts on your Flash.  How much air can you get?

Don’t: See how many times you can roll your Sunderer down a hill… with your whole squad inside.


Do: Make sure all the MAXes in your squad have a ride. They can’t pull their own vehicles, and those suits aren’t meant for long-distance running.

Don’t: Pull the old “let them almost get close enough to get in before flooring it and driving off” trick.  Giant robots have feelings, too!


Do: Let the driver in a two-person vehicle know if you’re out of ammo.

Don’t: Wait to tell the driver until you’re face-to-face with an enemy tank.


And finally, do: check out the in-game depot for vehicle camos, hood ornaments, horns, lumifiber trim, and everything you need to roll out in style.  For all the latest intel from Auraxis, be sure to follow PlanetSide2 on Facebook and Twitter.